it's time

Proof:  Today I had a magical Christmas moment when I was in the costume shop working on an apron worthy of Mrs. Claus for myself (we have some down time) and the Glee version of Baby It's Cold Outside came on.  And I was wearing my first holiday pin (since I got back to school--you better believe I wore one the day after Thanksgiving) of the season.  And I smiled to myself.

Because you guys.  Tomorrow is December.  It's Christmastime for everyone now, not just crazy people like me.

easy garland how-to

I'm in a slow process of Christmas-ifying my dorm room.  If I had it my way, it would be completely decked out by now, but it's Ted's first all-out Kaylie Christmas (he's Jewish), so I'm waiting for him to get over a bout of the flu so he can help decorate.  Nevertheless, a girl has got to get her craft on.  The other weekend I found some awesome sparkly pom poms at the art store when I was stocking up on Christmas gift supplies, so obviously I had to work them into a Christmas project.  My first instinct was GARLAND!

All you need:  A needle, thread (I used embroidery floss so I could half it into three strands), and pom poms.

All you do:  Thread the needle and poke through each pom pom. Space out as desired.

And voila!  Super cute and super simple garland.

happy thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for HOME!  So thrilled.  Hope your day was lovely and tasty!

Time to go nap it up in preparation of Black Friday. 

today i am thankful for...the desert

I'm taking this "always raining" thing a little rough. I'm ready to be back in my desert habitat tomorrow night. Thank goodness.

chinese opera

Today in my Theatre & Society class, we had a guest professor teach us about Chinese Opera.  It's intense and awesome, but what really got me were the costumes.  They are incredible.  What is even more incredible is that people actually perform in them.  And do acrobatics.  One costume he showed us (he dressed up five of my peers) had 20 pieces and enough sequins to make a drag queen blush.  20 pieces!  Like, seriously.  Craziest thing ever.

There are copious amounts of colorful sequins and silk involved.  I am officially obsessed.


fall ball

Saturday night was Fall Ball, which is a school dance held at the Crystal Ballroom (really cool space--I want to see a show there!).  It was a ton of fun.  Also, a great excuse to buy a vintage velvet dress.  Hooray!

today i am thankful for...30 Rock

This past week has been rough.  Homesick, emotional, and now, sick.  Woo hoo!  Thank goodness for 30 Rock for consistently making me laugh throughout it all.  So happy I decided to start watching it the first week of school when I didn't know what to do with myself yet.  Liz Lemon is officially my spirit animal.  Also, you should Netflix Instant it ASAP.

today i am thankful for...Ted

Warning:  May contain loveydovey-ness.
(Our first picture)
Not only is Ted a wonderful, sweet, caring boyfriend, but he is also a loyal, trustworthy, truly Gryffindor-ian friend.  I know I can count on him to pick out the best food at a restaurant and comfort me when I am sad.  Plus he can bake.  What more can a girl ask for?

today i am thankful for...arizona

I'm homesick.  I made above felt heart tonight, if that says anything to you...  

I make fun of Arizona a lot (as does the rest of the US), especially my hometown, but it's my home, and I love it.  In fact, I love it even more being away from it.  I miss it a ton, especially the past couple of weeks because 

A) It's freaking cold.  It even snowed for ten minutes tonight.  (I missed it because I was downtown buying the most adorable vintage little black velvet dress for Fall Ball and cheap oxfords THAT FIT ME--all thanks to Claire.  So worth it.  Also, I'm cool with holding off for more legit snowfall.)  


B)  I will be home for Thanksgiving very soon.  It's killing me waiting.  I am missing the most ridiculous, mundane things.  I think that's how homesickness works though.



So yeah.  I love you, Arizona. 

today i am thankful for...modern family

I have finally caught up since the first three episodes.  Life is good.  (Although I wish I could have watched them with my family.  Sadface.)

And yes.  The above happened when I clicked pause last night.  Too great.

thursday thrills


An adorable holiday photoshoot.

More people should do sweet and silly things like this.

I find this documentary trailer incredibly stressful.

Thank the bro in your life with Thanks Bro.

I would be lying if I said this magical situation does not make me want to do the same.  (Thanks, Tabitha)

If you don't know about Tattly yet, you should.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Hope you are nice and warm!

today i am thankful for...rain boots

Nicole gave me a pair of Hunter boots for my graduation.  This week was the first time I wore them.  In fact, this week was the first time I've ever worn rain boots in my life!  It felt pretty good, not having to avoid puddles...not to mention fun!

today i am thankful family

Today was my sister's 10th birthday, but I got the best present in the mail from my family.  My dad made me the greatest video of my life.

Be excited (for me to figure out how to upload it to YouTube and post it here).

today i am thankful and friends

Tonight was a good night.  I ate way too much.  I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I went to the ridiculously hilarious Once Upon A Weekend production (short scenes that are put together over the course of a weekend).  

Now--essay time!

today i am thankful for...baking

Ted and I baked tonight.  I made cupcakes (which I forgot to take a picture of, but here is an awkward one of me making the frosting) for our friends in celebration of 11/11/11 and Ted made pecan pies for tomorrow's Thanksgiving potluck.  Hooray for sweets!

today i am thankful for...spontaneous field trips

This week is French week.  So, this morning when someone came into French with coffee and a croissant from the breakfast being held in one of the other buildings, I yelled, FIELD TRIP!  Someone else agreed and yelled, FIELD TRIP!  And our professor said, FIELD TRIP?! and we went to get the last crumbs of the breakfast.

today i am thankful for...tolerant friends

When this flashed on screen after Glee, I screamed, "CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!" in the most embarrassingly loud scream I have ever experienced in my life.

And my friends here still like me.  Enough said.

today i am thankful for...staying in touch with friends

I. Love. My. Friends. So. Much.

I am increasingly more grateful for them the longer we are apart, which is saying a lot, because I've always been very thankful for them.  I've made some great friends here, but there's nothing like a great phone call with a bestie from back home.  Thank goodness for cell phones, blogs, and Facebook!

today i am thankful

Fantastic Mr. Fox is not only one of my favorite movies, but it is also one of my favorite soundtracks.  It reminds me of Thanksgiving, so naturally I have started listening to it repeatedly since November arrived.

It is no secret that I am a sucker for anything associated with holidays.  In fact, I go out of my way to associate things with holidays and seasons.  Music in particular is the easiest to do this, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much.  When it's Fall, I have my standards:  Louis Armstrong (and any jazz), Frank Sinatra (although this is more of a gateway to Christmas music as it becomes closer to Christmastime), Sufjan's Age of Adz (I saw him last October when this album came out, so of course I associate it with Fall now), Simon & Garfunkel (especially my vinyl records at home, which I miss dearly), Vampire name a few.  I also create playlists to listen to.  In fact, I will share with you "Fall 2011 Part 1" here:

Do you have any seasonal favorites?

today i am thankful for... Audrey Hepburn

Last night I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the 34923495823th time and realized I have the entire movie memorized.  I am very thankful to have grown up with my love of Audrey Hepburn, because she is one classy lady!

So my daily "today i am thankful for..." posts have been completely lacking this November (see last year's here)...  Actually, pretty nonexistent.  I will make an effort to start up again, but the truth is, life is busy.  But more importantly, life is good.

Mostly today I am thankful for... being so happily busy that I don't even have time to keep up with my blog.

today i am thankful for...photobooth

So. It's November.  Time to be thankful for the little things in life! Tonight it's taking a break from French homework to take silly photobooth pictures.  Yeah, I'm in college.  I'm mature.

Now, back to that homework...