new new shiny new

The other night I humored myself by reading this year's journal entries and marveling in each event as if reading a novel. It provided a splendid mixture of disbelief, satisfaction, bliss, and okay, a few wiped tears. What will 2008 come up with? It's like the anticipation of the next installment of a book series the universe and I are authorizing. Honestly, I could know less of the plot, characters, or theme. I'm dramatically awaiting its arrival though.

Chinese + antiquing + Juno

What a simply blissful day yesterday. My grandparents and I went out to our infamous Chinese hotspot before heading out to Merchant Square to scavange for treasures. I found a lovely $5 framed print of butterfly sketches, a $1.50 four pack of vintage cards that I intend to fancy up a bit, and a $4 gold bow pin with these little dangly chains pertruding from it. I ripped the tacky little things out and I have to say I love that gold bow quite a lot. And Juno! We saw it after antiquing. Goodness gracious, I adored it. The story, the music, the everything. It's funny because when I was browsing iTunes the other night, I checked out the soundtrack and found Anyone Else but You (by the Moldy Peaches) sung by Micheal Cera and Ellen Page and I fell in love with it. Then the next day I see the film and I fall in love with the whole enchilada. Yes, I said it. Enchilada. It was so sweet and touching. Not in a precious way, but in a real way. I think that makes sense. Regardless, it was a gem. Ellen Page was marvelous. I got a little teary-eyed, I admit. Juno, check.

It's Christmas

...and I desperately wish to have a tea party.

Otherwise, all other wishes have been fufilled; wishes that merely appeared as they were granted. I adore the holidays and their knack for these things. Now I'm revelling in the warm atmosphere and purchusing music with an appreciative iTunes gift card. I'm thinking some Sinatra...


After a disappointing dry spell, it seems the movie theater have something worthwhile to offer. My list is beginning to grow far too long. I quite hope I check some off soon this break...

To begin, I wish to see Atonement, which looks so lovely. The visuals are quite pleasing and romantic to my old eyes and frankly everyone likes a good love story. I just adore that Keira Knightley is casted in the old-timey pieces of today. She has this something about her that is so charming and old-fashioned and yet incredibly fresh. Teach me?

Another film that has caught my attention is Juno, which looks refreshingly humorous, yet also touching. It seems to be peek-a-booing true depth into the topic of teen pregnancy. Plus, isn't Micheal Cera cute?

What I really would like to catch in theaters and ultimately not resort to Blockbuster rental is Sweeny Todd. It seems like the sort of movie you'd like to catch in a dim movie theater. Doesn't it? The cinematography looks stunning and the gloomy, shadowy pallet seems to bring a life into the film that vibrant colors couldn't. Black will always be the new black!

And okay, I want to see Walk Hard.

NYLON + Kalman

Thanks to a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card I was kindly given as a Christmas gift, I was given the opportunity to purchuse the ever-inspiring NYLON and a quirky book I fortunately found marked half price called The Principles of Uncertainty. It is chock-full of illustrations and musings from Maria Kalman, an artist I actually recognized on the book's cover which I was immediately drawn to in the art section. Who said you can't judge a book by it's cover? Many books I admire have lovely artwork gracing their cover. Anyway, I own a couple of Kate Spade pieces with her sophisticated scribbles featured on them, so that's how I was familiar with her work... Here are some pages to give you an idea of what a fun find it was...

love at first sight courtesy of Etsy

No, I can hardly believe it myself. The thing is down right adorable to the umpteenth power. This charmer was found at the newly discovered wonderous and magical land of Etsy. If you have not already, I deeply encourage you to visit. Now. Right now. Why are you still reading this? You're being ridiculous. Go. Go!

yarn + thread

Yesterday as I retrieved my dark violet yarn and sparkly powder blue crochet hook from my Mary Poppins-esque tan bag, my mom said in explanination to her friend, "I brought grandma with me today..."

Well grandmas are very lovely and quite nice to have around, so I didn't take offence. Especially since, in many respects, as in crocheting and sewing, yes, decades can be added due to my choice of entertainment.

Yet another thing I've been into lately is threading friendship bracelets out of the many colored threads I fortunately recieved last Christmas (okay, from my grandma). Wasn't that cool in like the third grade? I swear I'm all ages all at once.