lately I've been thinking about

my record player
sewing clothes for spring
my harmonica
this song
Woody Allen films
my never-ending quest for cowboy boots that fit me
Alice in Wonderland
white room accessories (they look so nice against all the bright colors)
my growing teacup collection

Alice in Wonderland fever

I rarely wear make up, but I have to admit that this is really cool, especially considering the upcoming movie due out on my birthday (a themed party is obviously in the works)!

RIP J.D. Salinger

I could not tell you how many times I have read the first few pages of this book.  Whenever I feel down and have no idea what to do with myself, I grab this book and start reading.  In fact, the precise thing happened just last week--it never fails to calm me down.  Thank you, J.D. Salinger.  Your life was a blessing to humankind!

She & Him

So psyched for their new album (out March 23rd)!  Listen to "In the Sun."  It's so lovely!

some days I think too much about not thinking enough

So, I am transfering Word documents to my flash drive (killer essay going down here), when I find myself distracted by old documents.  So, I am reading them now.

And they make me a little sad.  Because, two-three-four years ago, I had a lot more time to think about things.  I questioned everything.  Every.  Single.  Thing.  And I genuinely cared about finding a conclusion.  I was really stuck on forming opinions on everything and stringing lines together in my head for poems.  Geez Louise, I'm making it sound like I was a really pretentious middle-schooler.  Maybe I was.  Maybe that's why I haven't written poetry for so long.  Maybe I can't take myself seriously anymore, because it embarresses me to see others take themselves so seriously. Could it just be that I am content with not having an answer for everything?  Perhaps. 

I blame it all on homework.

But hey, at least it's got me thinking.

Pretentious 7th-grade thoughts:

"You know when you're little and everything is just so simple? All you want is everyone to be nice and share their toys and not pull your hair right off your head like a wig. Now it seems like all you can really ask of anyone is for them to be happy. But what happens when they aren't happy? I don't know; I guess you can't ask anything of anyone but yourself."

 "I always regret not doing what I may regret."  I literally have this saved as a document...This kills me!

And what would middle school be without writing poetry during class?

"we search
to discover
empty thoughts
waiting to turn to more
hidden beneath
another time
in the bottom drawer
yet when we find
a simple scrap
it's only but
a memory
stripped of fact

more than before"

Well...enough about self-discovery.  I need some sleep.


This year I need to remember to ask myself, What would Audrey do?  I have a book that I got a couple of Christmases ago that is titled just that--What Would Audrey Do?  The passage that I always end up thinking of (about multitasking), goes like this :

      Instead, Audrey focused on whatever she was doing at the time--having a fitting, writing a speech for UNICEF, goofing around with the dogs--and moved on to the next thing.  This gave her focus and equanimity.  Plus, she accomplished more.
      "When she reads, she reads; when she fits, she fits; when she talks clothes, she talks clothes, when she sits under a drier, she simply dries," reported Cosmopolitan.

I often find myself multitasking--who doesn't?--and therefore I often find myself coming back to this brief bit of common sense.  Do what you are doing, do it, then move on.  Seems logical, right?  Yet I rarely find myself absorbed in one thing at one time.  Yet I know how good that feels, to just sit there and read; to just ride my bike without planning what I'm going to do next; to just get my French homework done at once and move on to the next thing.

The sad thing is, it took my computer to set me straight this time.  It started acting very moody and I finally understood why when I realized I was trying to do way too many things at one time.  I was simultaneously trying to begin writing an essay (with three Word documents up), check my email, catch up on a blog, and start up iTunes.  Why the rush?  The essay will be written.  The emails will be returned.  The blog isn't going anywhere.  Silence could be good. 

So, here is another resolution for this new year:  No more multitasking!

youth in revolt

I really enjoyed it.  Micheal Cera kills me!  Although I don't buy that this is the first girl to act interested in his character Nick.  I mean, he has a thing for Frank Sinatra records and old films--could he be more adorable?  Regardless of this utter blasphemy, I laughed a ton. 

Speaking of records, I now have my own record player! This is swell news.  Also, I have acquired a heart scarf and a heart ring after an afternoon downtown.  I can't resist the power of hearts this time of year, what can I say?  Another thing I can't resist--watching 4092384029 movies.  I seriously watched 6 or 7 this weekend alone.  Among them, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and okay, Leap Year.  I can't resist rom-coms with Irish love interests; sorry.

More than ever, lately I miss Ireland, and Europe in general.  Last summer seems like a distant dream!  I want to go back ASAP.
photo, the cliffs of Moher, summer 2009

wow, this makes me really, really happy

I couldn't help but smile at this.  It gives me hope that there is indeed some boy out there right now who in the future will be up for such silly and crafty fun.  Plus, it's always nice to hear Mushaboom. 

Vimeo is great.

I might be crazy

but I LOVE Valentines Day.  I know that people who aren't in a relationship are supposed to take the holiday as a slap in the face, but I can't help but embrace it.  I even have this weird tradition of buying a book each hearts day.  I mean, a whole holiday dedicated to hearts and sweets?  I'm in!

By the way, I watched Annie Hall the other night and adored it.  Adore is an understandment.  I watched it again the next night, if that tells you anything.  I hate to admit that it was my first Woody Allen film, but you have to start sometime and that time was two days ago.  Hah!  Now that I think of it, I have been watching an abnormal amount of movies lately.  I think I need a new sewing project to keep busy with, or something...

photo, outside the tower of london summer 2009

I ♥ greek comedians?

So I finally saw The Hangover.  And I laughed a lot.  And I realized the 3743 instances that I have unknowingly heard people quote it. 

Also, it reinforced my crush on Zach Galifianakis.  (Now I really miss Bored to Death!)  What is it with me and Greek comedians (ie. Demetri Martin)?  Peculiar.

some days I feel a little off...

Things like this video make me feel better.  (And also make me want to go to Georgia.)  What do you do when you are feeling blue?

i ♥ old stuff

To start out the new year right, my grandparents and I went antiquing.  I could do this everyday--and probably do this close to every other week.  There is something wildly comforting about being surrounded by old things, 60's music, and other people who enjoy likewise (when the Beatles come on, you can be sure someone is singing along).  The people who work there always recognize me, which is also pretty nice!  This trip I got a blue beret, a cowboy scarf, orange fabric, sequins, and a tea cup.  Not too shabby, huh?  This year is already grand!