portland city guide: 6 tea spots to sip at

Strictly tea shops are harder to come by in a city drowning in coffee like Portland, but there are still a few spots that stand out as tea-centric havens. My favorite will always be Tea Chai Te (specifically the NW 23rd location, which is a few blocks from our place and is dog friendly), but there are a handful more to take note of!

Tea Chai Te

just my type: 70's style lettering

I'm a total typography nerd, and pretty much start drooling when I spot an awesome old poster from the 60's or 70's that is somehow simultaneously a psychedelic mess and a graphic design masterpiece.  I love the chunky, fluid lettering characteristic of that time--a time where so much was new, and people were doing their best to make sense of it (or just goin' with the flow, man...). Suffice it to say, I LOVE it, I always have, and always will. Here are just a few examples of this 70's-inspired style of lettering. Sources here.

obsessed: denim + linen

I'm totally gobbling up this whole trend of minimalist fashion lately--but with one caveat: Statement accessories must accompany! Huge vintage jewelry and scarves are a MUST. Here a just a few minimalist favorites, to be dressed up with funky flair. Sources and more inspiration here.