thursday thrills: rainbow everything

Colorful parties are my favorite.  

Keep the gloomy clouds at bay with this bright umbrella.

Sip in style with these striped straws from Etsy.

Inspiration for easy felt garland, because who doesn't like garland?

I would love to wear this adorable top with a bright high-waisted skirt.

Thursday Thrills have been filled with party inspiration lately...  I think I am in withdrawal.  Good thing it's just a week until I'm home!

it's always sunny in portlandia

Just kidding.  It's rarely sunny.

But today--it was.  I wore a dress and shoes and that was enough.  It was a beautiful thing.

I got out of work early, so I used that time before class to walk around campus and take some pictures of the different flowers.  Some of them are a little blurry (iPhone camera), but I had to share them.

I spy some people lounging in the grass.  The campus becomes a zoo of college students when the sky clears up for a day or two.  It's pretty funny how deprived of sun we are.  (Except when it's not.)

 It was decided that smoothies were essential on a day like this.  Since Ted had to run errands downtown anyway, I tagged along and we got smoothies at Whole Foods.

Iended up looking around Anthro and finding cute things I wish I could afford. The woman in the dressing room told me, "You must be a fan of green."  I thought she meant my green dress/green bag combo when I noticed that two of my items were the same color scheme of my current outfit.  "It's like you have your own color story going on!" she went on.  I thought that was a hilarious coincidence.  I do wear a LOT of green and blue...

Anyway, thankfully the above outfit (right) was a size too big, or I would have been a sad Kaylie (or a broke Kaylie).  Regardless, it was a lovely Monday.  Time to catch up on Gossip Girl and Smash while I paint my cactus!

weekend update

This weekend was definitely one of my busiest, but it was also good fun.  For the past couple of weeks I have been helping out with the Senior Thesis Festival for the theatre department.  

Usually there are around four shows.  This year there were twelve.  

Suffice to say, it's been a long haul for everyone involved.  I was one of the wardrobe supervisors, so I kept track of the costumes, looked after the shop, and answered questions.  I had a headset, which was cool for the first couple of days, but then it just got heavy.  For the first time ever, I wore all black.  For several nights in a row.  It was weird.  Overall though, it was a great experience.  I'm always trying to find ways to be more involved in things.

After the shows on Saturday, Ted and I went to Spring Fling at the Crystal Ballroom. Unfortunately by the time we got there (around 11:30) our friends were starting to head out.  We danced a bit, ate some yummy finger food, and got some "photobooth" pictures taken, so the night turned out lovely anyway.  And of course, we would take almost any opportunity to dress our snazziest.

That's about it.  I slept a ton and got some homework done.  Now it's time to finish things:  an essay about blogging (YES) and a rendering of a small potted cactus (YESYES).

Hope all your weekends were fun and productive! 

thursday thrills: garden party inspiration

Party in the orange groves.

Flower crowns for the guests to wear.  I need to do this.

The perfect hostess dress from the ever-trustworthy Modcloth.  Cute, put together, and most importantly--colorful.

I am in love with these rose lights to hang from the trees. 

In love with lemon poppy seed cookies...  Perfect for a light dessert.

Classy and easy-going, tea sandwhiches are a go-to party finger food.

I love this vintage feel with a record player and lanterns.

Lemonade is a must for any Spring or Summer event.  I also love using mason jars for casual parties.

I can't wait to be home and plan some late spring/early summer outdoor parties!  For more inspiration, see this post about the garden party I helped my best friend Erin throw for her birthday.


19 more days until I go home for the summer

Things to do this summer:
Work on this.
Catch up on Mad Men & Boardwalk Empire.
Make & document something new each week.
Organize my craft supplies.
Read like my life depends on it.
Start a book/craft club with my friends.