senior citizen


Senior year means a lot of things:  applications, college visits, suspicious-looking envelopes from your dream college that end up being a brochure (gah!), abbreviated schedules (hello three classes and yearbook all afternoon), quick trips to Sprouts for deli sandwiches during lunch, late nights doing homework not because you have a huge load but because you almost forgot about it completely, Prom dates (or lack thereof), and don't forgot such shenanigans as pranking fast food restaurants and telling Village Inn it's your birthday when it's really not. 

Yes, sometimes it's a lot, but mostly it's just a whole lot of fun.  Yet tonight after Chipotle and No Strings Attached with a bestie (aka best thing ever) I realized one thing very important about this year:  after three years of high school, I feel like I have finally completely (or so I think--let's remember that us teenagers think we know everything, but alas, we don't) grasped how the whole awkward, heartbreaking, completely embarrassing business works.  Or, at least I've learned a few things.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Never take yourself too seriously.  It physically pains me when I see someone taking him or herself too seriously.  If you don't know how to laugh at yourself, you have a long road ahead of you (and I will be one of the people on the sidelines laughing for you at your ridiculousness--sorry!). 

  • Actually study. No, really.  I really should have gone in to get help at lunch with Geometry, Algebra 2, and Trig instead of getting as much face time with my current crush (that I probably embarrassed myself in front of anyway) or my current book.  I always ended up having to go in at the end of the quarter anyway to make up for all the confusion that built up (me and numbers are not great pals). No crush, however adorable and charming, is worth being confused.  But perhaps the book...

  • Cool is subjective.  To me, to be cool is to be intelligent, witty, humble, compassionate, and stylish.  Never think you aren't cool, because while others may think you aren't, the people you think are cool will think that you are too. 

  • Find others who appreciate what you have to offer.  Don't waste your time and energy on people who take advantage of your kindness and good nature.  Spread the love, but know who are your acquaintances and who are your true friends.  A true friend will appreciate the effort you put into your relationship (and themed birthday parties) and reciprocate (and let you help with theirs).

  • High school boys are stupid, dumb, immature, and clueless.  It's not that I haven't met lovely boys in my high school experience (I have) or that I haven't crushed majorly on perfectly lovely and attractive boys (maybe once).  But you know what?  Even the lovely ones are stupid, dumb, immature, and clueless.  I know plenty of girls who are talented, beautiful, independent, and creative (and have blogs) that any guy in their right mind would be lucky to have.  This is where the stupid, dumb, immature and clueless kicks in.  However sensitive a boy seems, these are not the kinds of things they look for at our age.    I also know that high school boys are something  I never ever want to have to deal with again.  So I'm not.  I think about a month or two into senior year I gave up.  Giving up has never felt so good!  I've had boyfriends in the past, and while they were fun at the time, I kind of cringe at that time in my life, being clueless and slightly immature myself (but never stupid or dumb).  The thing is, although awkward high school relationships build character and a hilarious repertoire of adolescent anecdotes, they mean and amount to nothing after a year, or even in some cases, a mere month, of mourning their eminent demise.  So don't worry about getting one so much.  If it happens, it happens.  Crushing can be a lot of fun, but it's called crushing for a reason.  Don't be surprised when you're crushed into a pulp.  Remember that true happiness is from within.  Don't rely on others to be the source of your happiness, or you will forget the simple things that bring you joy and unabashed bliss (like crafting or spilling your heart to the whole wide blogosphere).

  • Don't be afraid to speak up.  I still struggle with this, because I have this bad habit of thinking what I have to say isn't valuable enough to vocalize.  Clearly, I do not have this problem with writing, but I digress.  You may often regret saying too much, but at least you didn't say too little.

So there it is, what I think I've learned.  Here's to this fall, when I will undoubtedly embarrass myself multiple times, desperately want a bearded Portland man for my boyfriend, and possibly perfect the art of procrastination.  Yet that's the thing you must learn above all--you never stop learning.

thursday thrills

This is so true.

Something to try next time you have the blues.

Hearts day embroidery for the win!

How cute is this couple?

So glamorous.  (Add a little hot pink, turquoise, green, and red and I'd be ready to move in...)

The website is super fun and cute!  Can I have it all?

That's all for now.  xoxo

the girls with glasses

Oh my goodness.  I am in love with these two girls.  Look at all those Kate Spade clothes.  Just look at them.  And I totally have that white and gold planner they pack!  No biggie (but uhh yeah, it's stinkin cute!!). 

Also, I realized that the blonde, Brooke White, is from Mesa?!  She was on American Idol supposably.  Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this webshow.  It makes me so happy and represents everything I believe in: Kate Spade, colorful, retro, sparkles, happy!  Makes me proud to be a girl with glasses.

the spirit of adventure

To ask my date to Sadie's a week or so ago, I drew a house on white cardboard, cut it out, tied balloons (with the letters of my name written on them in sharpie) onto its "chimney" and stapled a note onto it that read, "Adventure is out there!  Are you UP to going to Sadie's?"

Lucky for me, I found a Sprinkles box on the door step a week later.

The dance should be a lot of fun!  I can't believe this will be my second to last high school dance...  I'm getting old.

i ♥ french food

In exchange for my shopping expertise, my uncle Casey told me to pick out a book at Barnes & Noble.  This is no easy feat, because if I could, I would buy every single book for my own, you know, personal two-story library I would have in this situation.  I finally decided on The French Market, because I have this really serious disorder where I feel like I need to know how to bake and cook like a fabulous French woman.  I know, it's a hard life, but someone's got to live it.

welcome to my life

Today I spontaneously decided to bake something.  I headed over to Bakerella to find a recipe I had ingredients for. Thankfully, I found a recipe for peanut butter whoopie pies!  They turned out delicious!  Although they were loads easier to make than French macarons, I still remain loyal to the frustrating yet beautiful macaron.  Regardless, peanut butter and chocolate were made for eachother.  The end.

what a character

I was about to begin picking out an outfit Monday night when a thought occurred to me--I should dress like a character tomorrow!  Of course, every day I feel like I'm somewhere between a Zooey and a Blair, but I wanted to try to embody another character's style.  I decided to text Melanie "Name a character from a book, movie, or show."  Of course, she immediately answered "Serena" (quick analogy:  Kaylie is to Blair Waldorf as Melanie is to Serena van der Woodsen).  The next day I wore jeans, a halter, a blazer, a couple of long gold necklaces and threw on my black peep toe heels.  Voila!  Serena.  The next day was Dwight (hello all-the-way-buttoned-up button up) thanks to Dahlya, although my suede and sherpa coat made me look somewhere between Amelia Earheart and "Brokeback Mountain" (Kate's words).   Just goes to show how important clothes are to create a character.  Here are my two favorites!

Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events (Kate's idea)
dress-Buffalo Exchange
sheer blouse-Target
cameo necklace-family heirloom
belt-antique store
ribbon-same ribbon I wore in 5th grade when I would pretend to be an "inventor" just like Violet!
tights & shoes-Target

Beautiful books!
Even in 5th grade I was impressed by the look and typography.
(Yearbooker in the making right there.)

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (my idea)

dress-Old Navy (hand me down from Mom-I shortened it)
cardigan-Urban Outfitters
brooch (on necklace) & cocktail ring-antique store

As much as I love to dream about being glamorous, visiting Paris, and wearing fabulous shoes everyday, the truth is that the closest I usually get to this idea is spritzing on my Coco Mademoiselle Chanel perfume (from Paris-bonus points) every morning.

But to be honest, this is okay with me.   Truthfully all I really wanted to do today was watch Gossip Girl with Erin, eat cappuccino & cheesecake frozen yogurt with Melanie, and finish the second volume of The Walking Dead during French so I could start the third.  Not what you'd usually classify as glamorous, but still 100% fantastic.  So in the end, I guess I am my own character. 

Who should I try to dress like next? 

thursday thrills


Just try not to drool over this food blog.

LOVE this illustrator

A clutch purse for every occasion.

Happy 10th Birthday, Wikipedia.

Yep, this is exactly how most of my daydreams look.

So true.  (I had one today.)

Happy weekend!  Doing anything super fantastic?

outfit roundup

blouse-Blossom's Boutique (in Downtown Mesa)
butterfly pin-grandma's
shorts-Gap (great find from Buffalo Exchange!)
loafers-Wal Mart

dress-Urban Outfitters (found during a lovely rainy winter break afternoon on Mill Avenue with Rachel.  We looked at records, got Starbucks and burgers, and walked around.  Portland, here we come!)
blazer-American Eagle
tights & shoes-Target

dress-Forever 21
earrings-made by the wonderful Dahlya
coat-Old Navy
shoes-David's Bridal

I think see a trend...  I guess I just have stylish, generous grandmas in my life (Dahlya included).

why i love zooey d.

Exhibit A:  Zooey's retro-inspired band She & Him
She & Him - Don't Look Back

How did they know I love cheesy documentaries, everything mod, and random dance sequences?!  Way to Kaylie's heart for sure.

Exhibit B: Her charming personality and deadpan humor  See also:  twitter, tumblr

Exhibit C:  Her old-fashioned sense of style

Now, my best Zooey impersonation:
"Hi, I'm Zooey.  I am quirky and wear a lot of opaque tights."

thursday thrills

A sweet & creative engagement photoshoot. Love!

While I was researching French macarons for an essay, I found this awesome tee.

I remember watching this years ago!  Still hilarious.

Have a Valentine's Day crafternoon.

Okay, and my favorite discovery?  Portlandia:

Three day weekend!  (Don't you just love Civil Rights?)

i ♥ liberty market

(photos by Kate

I have two things to say: 
1.  Liberty Market makes me happy.
2.  I'm excited for Spring.

hi, i'm kaylie

I'm 17 (almost 18).  How would I describe myself?

An old soul
stuck in a fourteen-year old's body
that acts like a fifties housewife.

I just read Emma's post about cute clothes and a clipping from Housekeeping Monthly in 1955 that she read in her English class.  I felt like I could dedicate a whole blogpost to my thoughts about it, so I jumped at the chance of a prompted post. 

To start off, the clothes are adorable.  I can tell they are from Anthro, and Anthro is roughly equivalent to Tiffany's when it comes to beating the "mean reds."  Well, Anthro, and the nearest antique store.  Breakfast at Anthro&thenearestantiquestore's... starring me, Kaylie.

Second, I have mixed feelings about the idea of the ideal wife presented in the "Good Wife's Guide."

The guidelines suggested I find very unrealistic.

I admit I do love
dresses and aprons
sewing and crafts
being a hostess
having things look nice
caring for others
baking and cooking
the idea of marriage
being ladylike

But there is one thing I never forget-- strong and fierce women fought for my suffrage and independence.  This doesn't mean a lot of us women don't enjoy feminine things like baking.  A lot of us do.  I know I sure do!  I also realize that being a wife and mother is enough for some women.  I personally want to have a career.  But you know what the wonderful thing is?  It's because of those women that we now have the choice to decide.

I may dress like a fifties house wife, but I am truly a feminist.  I want my relationship with my future husband to be balanced.  I want to feel intellectually and creatively equal with whoever I spend the rest of my life with.  I don't want a husband who will feel lost and helpless when I'm in England for a book signing!  I mean, come on, the man's got to know how to take care of himself.  I need an independent man.

Yes, I do want to marry a lovely gentleman and have lovely children and be lovely in general.  But before all that, I want to travel, finish college, start my career.  I want to know I can support myself before committing myself to another human being, much less a family.

I know of--and look forward to--the quirks and mishaps of being an imperfect wife, mother, and grandmother.  Because truly, that's what makes life so precious--finding someone to share your love, your laughter, and your Chinese takeout when yet another of your adventures in French cooking takes a wrong turn. 

To be truthful, these are the moments I can't wait for most.  I can't wait to make a home with someone and learn to love someone's imperfections and make 34234 mistakes while raising our well-dressed children.  I can't wait to be the mom who teaches her daughter to sew and her son to cook (because real men know how to cook). 

I know for a fact there will be days that I will not be happy to see my future husband.  And that's okay--I'm sure the feeling will probably be mutual.

only kate can make me look this cool

Today I tagged along with Kate to take someone's engagement photos (which turned out adorable by the way) and she snapped a few of me while the couple was changing wardrobe. She made me look cool. She has always been good at this. She took this picture of me a few years ago. I think it is currently the only photograph in existence that makes me look this darn cool.

Anyway, just sayin'.  She's good.

funny advertising makes me smile

I just found this fundraising website Crowdrise and I love its slogan.
I love businesses that have a sense of humor.  This is how it works:
And this is the last step to getting started:

Why aren't more businesses/organizations like this?!

i ♥ the weasleys

dress-Forever 21
"amies" whale necklace-Etsy
coat-Old Navy
shoes & socks-Target

Okay, last night I decided I should keep track of outfits again.  I'm thinking I don't want my future roommate to think I'm a complete weirdo for trying on 4 different outfit combos a night... But can you blame me for having so much fun with clothes?  I never did grow out of the "dress up" phase.  Oh well.  I dedicate this look to the Weasley family, because it reminds me of their kooky style. 

I think I subconsciously dress in characters...  On Monday when Pretty Little Liars came back, I wore a blazer, button up, denim pencil skirt, tights, and ballet flats.  Later I realized I dressed how much it looked like something Spencer(second on left) would wear.  As for Harry Potter, my brain is always a variation of this, so there is no doubt it comes through in my outfits.

P.S.  This post makes me so happy because I feel precisely the same!  Confession:  Harry Potter films revive my dream of being a set/costume designer every time I watch one.

thursday thrills

Thursdays are magical days.  Thursdays are the day you can say, "Tomorrow is Friday."  Thursdays are the day you can start making plans for the weekend.  Thursdays are just lovely.  Thus I bring to you "thursday thrills"  a weekly post of magical and lovely things I stumble across!

A clever blogger makes color comparisons with street style here and here.

Daydream about living on the road.

Watch this funny skit on Jimmy Kimmel about Kayne West's tweets.

Valentines Day is the cutest holiday ever.  Check out these sweet hearts day gifts.

I wouldn't put it past technology to make this happen for real.

A beautifully simple love song.

Pink, gray, and gold at its finest.

Happy Thursday!

a little birdie told me

...that I should stop obsessing over Zooey D.

I ignored it.

I am reading all her tweets on twitter at this very minute.

Maybe twitter isn't that annoying after all...

P.S. I feel like I could reenact this photo of Zooey if I could get my bangs to behave.  I have that many tea cups.

1-1-11 was...#1?

So, the first day of 2011 I watched....four movies.  And did other fun stuff I've never done before.

I didn't even plan this!  It just sort of happened.  This is a sign about the months to come, I'm positive.  :)

12:00 AM- Watched the ball drop, made a lot of noise, did 234982 fireworks, had a dance party, and did some more fireworks

2:00 AM- Watched Marie Antoinette and blogged
12:15 PM- Woke up and bought songs on iTunes

2:30 PM- Decided to make macarons

 4:55- Saw Black Swan with Rachel

7:00 PM- Was scared out of my mind and craved nori for some reason (?).  Solution:  Go to neighborhood Walmart to Redbox Get Him to the Greek and get some nori.  The Redbox there didn't have the movie, but we did surface with nori, sticky rice, avocados, and cream cheese--we made sushi for the first time ever!  It was a blast, and I made more today for my lunch tomorrow because we had leftover mini shrimp from dinner that was begging to be sushi-fied.  I feel pretty cool, not gonna lie!

8:00 PM- Erin came over to watch a movie with us, but we ended up making the sushi and buying hair dye for her at Walgreen's.  The Walgreen's Redbox actually had Get Him to the Greek, so that was also swell!  When we got back to my place, Rachel realized she had already made plans for the night, so she left and I dyed Erin's hair, which I have never done before.  It was pretty easy!  The auburn color looks really nice on Erin too.

9:00 PM- Watched Get Him to the Greek with Erin

11:30 PM- Cleaned the kitchen (it was still messy from macarons, sushi, ect.) and put away dishes and watched It's Complicated

Also...The macarons turned out okay.  For the first time they didn't stick (thank you Martha Stewart parchment paper), but it was also the first time some of them cracked.  C'est la vie!  Even though they weren't as chewy as they should have been (probably because I left them out while I was out at the movies), I put a few together with some honey inside and they were a little delicious. 

Whew!  What a wonderful way to begin a wonderful year!

welcome 2011

You are already fantastic.  I am so happy I got to spend New Years with my friends--I love them so much.  I am so excited for all of us!  2011 is a momentous year.  

This year, I have a LOT of resolutions, big and small.

LIVE.  This is the second half of my SENIOR YEAR we're talking about.  I'm going to be doing that thing where I GRADUATE.  Then I am going to do that little thing called MOVING OUT and GOING TO COLLEGE.  I will be living in a new city (Portland) with new people and new experiences.  This is no time not to strike up conversation with some random person or try something new.  No excuses.  It's time to live live live LIVE.  And please, don't be shy.

EAT.  I baked more than I have ever baked in my life in 2010; now it's time to get better at cooking too!  I am the biggest foodie, so I also can't wait to discover all the restaurants and food carts in Portland. As hard as it is (I love food so much!) I do hope to become less carnivorous.  This will become a lot easier when I move out, but for now I will live more strictly by my "only eat meat when it's for dinner" meaning I never order meat when I am out to eat.  This is pretty easy to follow most of the time, but sometimes a burger is just necessary and sushi is my ultimate weakness (I can't give that one up).  I will try harder though, because I really do feel like I eat better when I do.

CREATE.  I did pretty well not buying clothes during 2010 (although after Black Friday I will admit I broke down a bit--hence the $5 black sequin pencil skirt I mentioned the other day--it seemed necessary for New Years...), so I will continue to honor this resolution to an extent.  After all, I do need to stock up on cold weather clothes!  I do find great pleasure in being self-reliant, so I will continue to only buy clothing I couldn't possibly make on my own (yet).

A few more:

  • Get 8 hours of sleep every night
  • Don't compare myself to others
  • Only check Facebook/email/tumblr/blog once a day (no, really!)
  • Watch more movies, read more books, see more concerts, visit more places, make more friends
  • Be helpful, charitable, and kind
  • Study more (this won't be a problem if I get into Reed...)
  • Simplify
  • Avoid multi-tasking too much (Be like Audrey: "When she reads, she reads; when she fits, she fits; when she talks clothes, she talks clothes, when she sits under a drier, she simply dries."
  • Think positively (Avoid thinking in negatives and phrases like "I wish" or "I hope."  Example: "This year is going to rock!" instead of "I hope this year rocks!")
  • Be awesome
  • Be the person I want to be

The year is already sweet--I am currently blogging on the couch with Izzy beside me and I put on Marie Antoinette while I do laundry.  Life is good.