only kate can make me look this cool

Today I tagged along with Kate to take someone's engagement photos (which turned out adorable by the way) and she snapped a few of me while the couple was changing wardrobe. She made me look cool. She has always been good at this. She took this picture of me a few years ago. I think it is currently the only photograph in existence that makes me look this darn cool.

Anyway, just sayin'.  She's good.


▲my• said...

you do look uber cool :)

and thanks so much for pointing out the dead link! i've fixed it :D

▲my• said...

Oh, and a second comment because you don't currently have your ask enabled on tumblr.

That is so neat. Haha maybe it's weird but I feel so giddy finding out I'm in the occasional dream of a blogger friend.
And I so badly want to see Black Swan. Can't believe I still haven't.
Definitely on my must-see list along with The King's Speech, Blue Valentine, and Love and Other Drugs.