Taking Woodstock

If it wasn't official before, it is now: I am deeply in love with Demetri Martin.

Please de-age and be my boyfriend?

Well, it was worth suggesting...


I will admit I was a bit hesitant about Demetri (my beloved Demetri) in a lead role. I was nervous I might lose respect for him if his big screen debut was a bust.

It wasn't. I was impressed. And no, I am not just blinded by love, I swear! My friend Dahlya agreed, and her opinion counts, trust me.

Back to the movie: I've seen a few hours of the authentic Woodstock documentary, and Ang Lee did the real thing justice, without being generic and stereotypical.

It seemed natural to me--though truthfully I've always been overly accepting of movies.

There was humor. It wasn't showy, but it was there, and I laughed.

There was depth--something I actually did not expect for some odd reason. Again, Demetri earned more space in my heart.

There were also a lot of nude hippies. This was not at all surprising to me, having witnessed it in the documentary, but if you have a problem with unabashed nudity, you might want to sit this one out!

I love you, Demetri:
Construct a time machine.
Bring us to 1969.
Take me to Woodstock in your volkswagon (obviously).
Play your guitar and sing me jokes.
The end.

I want a Christmas tree...

Paper Heart was precious. See it and be happy about life, kay?
My favorite part was when she played Magic Perfume. Listen to it!


Reasons why I am a happy camper:

AP classes haven't eaten me alive yet


I'm seeing Paper Heart tonight

This song...

Project Runway is back
It's the weekend
Why not?


P.S. The background music reminds me of Charade.

the current extent of my internet exploration

Maps! I adore this old one I found on google images...Look at those fonts, man.

my life

biology notes

wishing the lava lamp was on in my trig class

watching Woodstock coverage/documentaries

freezing to death in English (my teacher probably thinks I'm shaking with fear)

laughing at teachers' jokes


daydreaming about drinking chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) en Monmartre....

Upcoming excitement:

biology notes

attempting to watch season 2 of GG before September 14



482304203480 vocab words


It is calm, but full. I am busy, but content. This blog may be neglected for some time--school has provided me with many things to occupy my time and thoughts.

Until sanity,

500 Days of Summer

This movie surprised me. I found myself loving Summer, admiring her even, then completely feeling betrayed by her and kind of hating on her for playing with Tom's emotions. Although mostly she just made me really want to raid her closet.

The music, as I predicted, was delightful. I loved the song "Sweet Disposition" and the reference to Belle & Sebastian within the first ten minutes. The colors were nice (I always have to comment on the colors, humor me) and I loved how you could just tell blue was Summer's favorite color. The dialogue was realistic and often humorous, without trying too hard. The moments where Tom sat on the bleachers talking to his sister on her soccer timeouts were precious.

Somehow I came out this film content, even anxious for life and all its inevitable ups and downs. I'll always be a hopeless romantic.

Over all, the story was told creatively and realistically. A great lover of jumping-around stories, this was an instant success in my mind.

new blog

Yesterday I decided to dedicate a blog soley to my writing in addition to this one. Try it out? :)

New blog here!


So random! Don't ruin this for me, Lizzie. I used to be your biggest fan.

Wondering how long this will last...

Ah, Chuck. Think twice, please. She looks like a drugged-up Grace from Secret Life!

Welcome to My Documents!

Sometimes, for kicks, I rummage through "My Documents," trying to clean sweep, but usually just finding a whole lot of awesome nonsense like this:

Yes, this is me. Not long ago, actually. Last winter. Tim let me wear his sweater at lunch, with emo-like results. I think it's the bangs and facial expression that do it. So naturally, Kate made this for me. I love her for this. It makes me laugh hysterically every time I stumble across it.

Let me just throw this one out there:


egg flowers

Yesterday afternoon Phoebe came over and we made egg flowers! They were perfect for sticking in a salad--which was what we did for ourselves and Rylee for lunch. Yum!

reasons why taylor momsen needs to settle down


Figure A: Her band, The Pretty Reckless--WHAT?

Figure B: The words coming out of her mouth.

"I'm not going to date someone who's sixteen. Boys are so much less mature than girls as it is; there's just no way-I would eat a boy my age alive." -Taylor Momsen in this month's issue of teenVOGUE

Figure C: Desperately wanting to be Courtney Love. Okay, I want to be Zooey Deschanel. But Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. This is embarressing.


I stood up for you when Kate made fun of your character on Gossip Girl and this is how you repay me? I'm disappointed.

Funny People

Today I saw Funny People with my grandparents. I LOVED it. Seth Rogen was completely charming and adorable and crush-inducing. This was probably the first film I've seen him in where he doesn't smoke! And while I was a little hesitant about Adam Sandler being in an Apatow flick, he managed to fit right in. Jonah Hill in glasses was the best--I have had a growing crush on him since Superbad and the glasses certainly intensify it. Jason Schwartsman was a hoot, however pretentious his character was--plus it was very nice to hear his band Coconut Records playing in the background. Sweet story and definitely full of funny people. See it!

I can't deny it

I love the 80's.

Dress--old 80's dress of my grandma's (floor length and complete with shoulder pads) I tailored down for myself
Belt--from my grandma's childhood

BTW, Depeche Mode is on tour with PB&J...I kind of need to go.

I ♥ Velma

(click for info)

excuse me while I relive parts of my trip

To think that I was in Scotland this time a month ago... It is the most wonderful thing to wrap my mind around. If I didn't have pictures, I would have insisted it was all a dream.
While I was in Europe, I did some major shopping. I ended up with loads of clothes I didn't even touch in my suitcase due to this fact.

In Dublin, I found the softest dress at United Colors of Benetton. The best part was emerging from the building to find a band playing in the street--guitar, violin, the works. Lovely. I wore the dress the next day in Scotland with my purple socks, mary janes (oh the stairs they met), and a weaved pin I bought at the weaving store in the folk park at Bunratty Castle. I just remembered how I tried a bit of their homemade apple pie at the bakery there...Yum.

In Edinburgh, a group of us girls hit H&M. Majorly. Unfortunately, I could not find one thing that fit me correctly in the whole third level of the women's department. When this sort of thing happens, I hit the children's section. In fact, on the way up to the third floor I had spotted a small artillery of tutu-like skirts. Defeated, I found myself in front of them, deliberating if I could pull off a tutu meant for seven year olds at age sixteen. I compromised with gray (although the hot pink was quite tempting). It was the perfect fit for our ghost walk later that night.

I scored this skirt at an awesome boutique in Edinburgh called Pie in the Sky. The skirt was one of many "recycled fabric" items that were all unique and decidedly old-fashioned. Naturally, I had to wear it in Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford Upon Avon. Yeah, that's how my brain works. Also, I am wearing a Scottish bow tie from the Wallace Monument gift shop as a headband, although it's not quite visible.

This post was spurred my visit to sockdreams.com. I miss wearing socks with my mary janes--I got very accustomed to this while in Europe for some reason, and now I'm smitten. I want them all! Too bad I have to buy mine in the kids section (my feet are puny little things), because these are precious. :(


is this for real?!

muggle quiddich

10 things that make me happy

1. Catching up with Dahlya over Indian food...Yum!

2. Micheal's has their Halloween stuff out!!! They're on the same exact mind-set as me... I already know I'm being Velma.

3. Cartoon Network had a Holiday Specials thing going on yesterday while I was babysitting. We watched a Casper Christmas special--you better believe I'm also thinking about the holiday season as summer comes to a close.

4. My dad chose 500 Days of Summer as his birthday movie! (I take him to the movies for holidays--it's kind of our thing.) When he said, "500...that one movie," I immediately I assumed he was talking about some sequel to 300. I was delighted to be mistaken! I love my daddy and his love of movies. :) For Christmas we saw Yes Man. Hooray for Zooey Deschanel movies my dad will go see! (He's more of an Emily fan...he loves Bones.) Can't wait! I already love the soundtrack.

5. New magazines flooding the mail--the mash-up clearly depicts my many sides. (Nylon, NG, TeenVOGUE, Martha Stewart Living...yes sir)

6. Daydreaming about Europe--I even had a dream last night that I was buying a pastry in Paris.

7. Anticipating school (you read it right).

8. Having loads more of space to sprawl out and craft it up in my room--even though my chaise looks a little dumb against the wall.

9. Saving money, not spending it.

10. Peter Bjorn and John's song I Want You!

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