Everyone can sleep soundly tonight. I have found the nicest summer suit possible. It looks really nice with my special summer-y red heart-shaped sunglasses.

tonight's equation (maybe I do miss school)

















this is Izzy

She was quite partial to my violet yarn. It is now her violet yarn.

Don't mistake her for a stuffed animal and you're golden.

this one is for you, ex-lunch table

You were there through all the conversations and PB&J sandwiches

You heard all the jokes Katie had to tell us

You even put up with those silly goosers....
....who left you gifts like nacho cheese and pepperoni slices

Love Always,

Belle & Sebastian

Geez Louise. I really adore Belle & Sebastian. I've had a few of their songs for years, but just recently I got their album Dear Catastrophe Waitress--which I do realise is an old album--on my iPod and oh my gracious. I finally listened to it in its entirety while I was folding laundry the other afternoon (I practically throw parties while I fold laundry, fyi) and I was thoroughly impressed. Yum! Here's a really nice music video I found that someone made for their song Piazza, New York Catcher.

Sidenote: A somewhat hobby of mine (at least I've noticed today I quite enjoy it) is looking up lyrics on to see what other folks gather from songs, and well, their meanings. (Useful for the occasional catchy song you find yourself singing unaware of what exactly you are singing, or the irresistibly poetic song that you really love but honestly don't quite know the whole story.) Some suggestions are humorous, while others make me majorly want--more than ever--to write a song someone can find comfort in, and evoke thought. I love music. Yay.

heart throb

Yeah...pretty epic. I found this baby antiquing today and I swear my heart skipped a beat before I tried it on. It's 60's vintage and it was twelve dollars. Pretty much a dream. Most excitement I've had all summer.

Plus, my gramma liked my She & Him album. How cute is that? I gave her a copy. And my pops got a stamp collectors book at B&N and a ton of model cars antiquing. My grandparents are pretty much cooler than me sometimes.

pie crazy?!

Ever since Pi day 0f '08, I've been pretty hardcore about pies. I made my first one that morning before school to bring to Geometry and... okay, I haven't made one since. But the whole idea of waking up and whipping up a pie...I'm mad for it. I really enjoyed that morning. That was a good day. I love how I'm taking about this like it was years longer ago than the not even three months it's been since. Regardless, I think that I need to expand my limited pie-making experience and try some out this summer. I don't know where I'm going to take them, but I'm sure it will be lovely. I'm hoping to try out this one key lime pie soon, since it seems pretty low key (lime) and everything. Ha, what a jokester I am.

new albums + dark chocolate

I don't know what it is about buying a new album. Maybe it's the fact that their songs stay in place even after their hundredth play, or the playing it for the first time and second time and third time--all in a row of course. Albums just seem to hold some sort of novelty. At some point--it isn't completely certain when this takes place--they become nostalgic, and this is always comforting. I am quite taken by anything that is comforting. Anyway, today I purchased my first album since Sam's Town, AKA it's been a while. I've been saving up for Europe fervently, so today was somewhat of a splurge. On my way walking to Barnes & Noble, I stopped in AJ's specifically for some Endangered Species chocolate (I'm a sucker for this kind of thing), and ate most of it before I got to my homeland. I finally caved and bought Volume One when I ventured into the music section of my dear Barnes & Noble. I have to say I am very pleased with it. Especially, well, all of the songs. I'd point one out, but then I'd have to point all of them out because they all pretty much deserve the same attention.

Plus, I love my family. Nice bonus.

today=good day

ps, happy June!