my sister kendal who's six

She decided she liked this pastel drawing of mine that I did a while back, so she ordered me to untack it from my wall and let her see it. She then replicated it with my crayons. How cool is she?

it's tuesday?!

This week is fast and slow and happy and seriously kind of getting sad and awesome and wonderful and still kind of sucky but still awesome and I have some really nice people in my life, so this helps.

IT IS NOT TUESDAY. Oops. I am kind of crazy. No wonder I was shocked about this weeks characteristics?

IN OTHER NEWS: Gossip Girl finale=Kaylie possibly crying every Monday night this summer

Okay. Not really. I hope.

aA:SLDFASLDFJALKSJD so many changes in one episode. Overload.

Thumbs down: wedding attire

Seven thumbs up: Blair's traveling dress....I need it desperately. I can't find a picture, but I seriously...think it should be mine.

this week=tricky

I am devising CD mixes, eating rice via tortilla chips, scouring blogs, and anticipating the finale of Gossip Girl. But most importantly I am forgetting it is not, in fact, summer. Oops. I'm trying to care that I have infamous end of year-esque packets to complete, but it's really difficult. All I can think of is sunglasses and reading sprees.

You know I'm getting antsy when swimming is actually really quite appealing. (I'm not much of a swimmer, more of a floater.) I'm actually really psyched that our pool is being remodled... My mom said maybe a pool party was due in good time? Yes please!

my momma tagged me

Three Joys in My Life:
The people in my life.

Three Fears in My Life:
Not having someone to turn to.

Three Goals in My Life:
Bringing joy to others.

Three Current Obsessions:
Saving for Europe.
The Beatles.

Three Random Facts:
I'm really crazy and I actually really enjoy it.
If I have a great outfit on, I feel like I can do anything.
I frequently feel six years old.


Monday night 7-8 pm, seriously don't expect me to return a call. I'm pretty hardcore about Gossip Girl. I've read all the books, so you better believe it. I know I sound lame, but not being lame is so boring and annoying and pointless. Anyway, this week's episode, probably the most frustrating television I have ever endured, got me actually pounding the floor. No joke. Georgina/Sarah/complete crazy to the point it's kind of freaking me out needs to back off Dan and go back to Sweden or whatever exotic country she came from to raise havoc in the world of Gossip Girl. I'm hoping the finale next week will put her in her place... But as finales go, I'm sure that won't be the case. Ah! Finale!

picture, dan + the crazy (me=pounding the floor)

trying to answer life's many questions

I am sort of deeply in love with preppy 60's-style clothing...

But I don't know. The word preppy is weird. Like, seriously. Stare at it for a while and you'll wonder if it's spelled right or even a word at all. And what does it mean? The way I picture it, it is close relatives with classy and conservative, without the risk of being deadly dull or the whole hair perfectly slicked back in a tight ponytail situation. I see it more of a uniform for the stylish bookish type or intellectual cocktail party-goer. Like, really laid back and mellow, but then again pulled together and confident. Wow. I don't know. Maybe I'm just crazy.

Moral of story: I adore preppy, whatever it is.

dress, anthropologie

current obsession

Seriously, look at Zooey with her little tambourine and dress. Makes me want to go dress shopping and sing songs with my guitar and be adorable like her. Geez louise. She makes it look so easy. Someone teach me to carry a tune.