circus in the snow

Being the cool kid I am, I went to winter formal solo tonight...unless you count my huge yearbook Nikon as a date. (Hey, it was my ticket in!) Anyway, it turned out really cute. The theme was "Circus in the Snow" which of course entailed mock booths, tons of popcorn/animal crackers, and don't forget those silly wooden photo opts (Erin + Domenico, right). Everyone looked their spiffiest--I quite enjoyed people-watching and was especially entertained by the interesting dance moves I witnessed. Still working on the dancing in public thing though...

P.S. CUTEST COUPLE EVER SPOTTED. Western apparel involved. A bit envious!

i thought this deserved a post...

Since this week the sophomore class has been a buzz with junior year course choices, I've been torn between avoiding thoughts of the future or embracing them.

Well, I guess since I'm researching about possible majors I'm interested in, I've chosen the latter.

Thank you to whoever wrote this enticing bit of info found here:

Q: What Kinds of Students Major in Creative Writing?
A: Students must enjoy writing and they must be creative.

This makes me laugh. I believe it though.

i can not even begin to expound on how much this dress embodies everything j'adore dans une robe

It is perfection. This Etsy is bad news bears for me: Estate Sale. (Enter with caution.) It's a good thing all my Europe money is locked up in my bank account because this one is a doozy....

i'm having a Arcade Fire/Imogen Heap/Zach Braff moment know how those go, right? Or not.

Makes me a bit nostalgic for 7th and 8th grade (aka the simpler days; see above with Katie's dog Lola--later we went for ice cream and hit Micheal's with Erin and Lisa).

I got silver metallic ink on that pink silk headband while I was making posters the time I ran for 8th grade Student Council delegate. I lost. I still have all my other huge bow headbands to show for though!

(And Nicole, that is the Anthropologie cardigan you handed down to me so long ago. I wore that thing to shreds merely because it was the only thing I owned from Anthro then.)

i ♥ polardroid

See that cute little miniature Polaroid on the left of my screen? Thanks to Polardroid, a computer-generated polaroid is just one click away--even if I'm already busy answering questions about The Scarlet Letter for English. Isn't technology great?

Download Polardroid here, since the real thing won't be around much longer.

My first attempt: Me outside George Washington's house--which I totally digged by the way--from a trip to DC a couple years ago...

I really embraced the colonial vibes with this outfit, didn't I?


Who was I kidding? I love Valentine's Day. Anyway, it's not that far away.

the new year

I plan to... overcome my fear of dancing in public, keep stress at a minimum, and focus on each moment just as it appears. I want to live an overall more simple life, without the overpopulation of premature thoughts and actions. (It's taking me a lot of willpower not to begin preparing for Valentine's Day, let me tell you!)