eat here: bunk sandwiches

It was a good day when Ted and I decided to try out Bunk.  With its several locations around Portland, I have no idea why we hadn't tried it before.  Regardless, I'm so glad we finally did.  We went to the one in SE Portland and ordered the Roasted Chicken Salad w/ dijon, bacon & avocado and the Pork Belly Cubano w/ ham, swiss, pickles & mustard. OH MY.  The chicken salad was delicious, but the Pork Belly was INCREDIBLE.  Portland seems to be having a pork belly reawakening, because I've been trying a lot of pork belly lately.  I'm not mad about it.  Not even close. The potato salad was tasty too.  We got a free side because I have the Chinook book app, and I did not complain about that. No frills, just (really, really) good sandwiches.

cleaning for the clueless


Ted and I are in the midst of cleaning and moving into our new apartment.  Tensions have been high.  We've gotten on each other's nerves more times than I can count.  I've been difficult.  I just want to unpack.  I love clean things, but I hate cleaning.  But today, when I got off of work and had a text from him of our beautifully clean kitchen, succulent included, my hope was restored instantly.  We can do this.  I can get on the cleaning train, if it means I get to decorate little corners of our new space sooner.

I have to go unpack some boxes right now, but I thought I'd share this adorable/helpful/idealistic info graphic that I found in my search of a cleaning checklist (my dad would be proud).  Having our own place is new and exciting, and I'm just going to embrace this moment where I'm thrilled to have found a cute cleaning info graphic, because these kinds of cleaning-themed moments don't come by often.

apartment inspiration: living room


We move into our apartment on Thursday.  THURSDAY.  It could not come quick enough.  I'm so excited to start nesting.  I thought I'd post a few photos for inspiration to focus in on my goals (and make sure Ted and I are on the same page).  I'm usually drawn to a lot of clean white and bright colors and graphic prints galore, but our walls aren't white in the living room, so Ted is worried about how my aesthetic might work with it, and our neutral furniture. I think these photos help meet both of our needs in the middle with their balance of bright and softer colors. 

eat here: palio dessert & espresso house

Ted brought me to Palio a couple of months ago for the first time, and I fell in love with their selection of cakes. They pair quite well with homework, I must say.  It was the first time I saw a proper case of cakes since I left London, where I very frequently would order a slice of cake with my tea.  There are few more sweet, simple things such as tea and cake.  And just look at how pretty they are!

I haven't tried any of their more savory options yet (because when a giant slice of cake is offered, it's hard to say no to that), but they passed my chai test (I am obsessed with chai) and the ambiance is calm and casual, perfect for studying or a mellow coffee date.  The location is tucked away in a very Portland neighborhood, and the first time I drove there on my own, I got a little lost.  It's like the secret garden of cake or something... and I'm okay with that.

I'm now on day 7 of the Whole 30 (where sugar is a no-no), and aside from my almost nightly dreams of pizza, I've been daydreaming about digging into one of their pretty slices of cake.

gaining insight, and other things

Graduation happened.  Almost-full-time at work happened.  Realizing that my metabolism isn't what it used to be happened.  You know, all that grown-up stuff.  Since graduation, I've done a lot of things: started working around 35 hours a week, landed a small business mentorship once a week, signed up for a business class for later this summer, joined a gym (that I have yet to go to, I must admit), and given up my favorite things to eat for a month (cheese, bread, and sugar namely). It's all that stereotypical "trying to take control of my life and be a productive human being" stuff, but I'm trying to embrace it. The thing I'm most ready to embrace is decorating my apartment with Ted, but they have yet to give us a move-in date!  Woo hoo!  My super-adult butt is currently camping out in an empty bedroom while the rest of my stuff is in boxes downstairs, in my car, and in Ted's old place.  We got a rug, guys!  But nowhere to put it at the moment, so it's living at FedEx.  Sigh.

One thing about being out of college:  My feet hurt.  I'm tired.  Barely any of my clothes still fit me (thanks, college). I'm eager.  I'm sad.  I'm excited.  I'm ready for adventures.  I'm ready for having a place to call my own.  I'm anxious to plan cocktail parties and craft hangouts.  I'm happy.  I'm still tired.  I know this is just the beginning, and this is life.  It's a strange, scary, but beautiful thing.  I have so much more growing to do, it doesn't seem fair to say I graduated from anything.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: "It is enlightening, albeit intimidating, to think how much control we have over our own lives." --Leandra Medine.

That gets to the crux of it all.  Life is about taking control, making your own choices, and creating your own happiness.  What a task!  I'm certainly intimidated, but ready for the challenge.

to-see list: suffragette

I recently was given two movie tickets, and was bummed to realize that there aren't really any movies out at the moment that I'm hankering to see, even for free.  So it was great to come across this trailer today, because I was losing hope.  I mean, it's filled with incredible women real and fictional--the actresses themselves and the characters they are portraying.  Definitely adding this to my to-see list.  I wish the list was longer, though--any movies you're excited about?

Opens October 23, 2015 stateside.