Thanks grandma + grandpa

Five years ago, it would have been expected to unwrap an American Girl box during the usual day-after-Christmas festivities at my grandparents', but it was a complete shock yesterday, when they surprised me with one of Kit's new outfits. I felt 10 again--and that was a good thing. Doesn't she look nice?

For some reason I really dig this song

Full Moon by The Black Ghosts

Oh and I'm still completely obsessed with The Killers. What's new?

Happy Holidays!

Timmy makes me look like an elf in comparison...
(+ thanks to my grandma Marcia, I now own my favorite dress in the world. I would literally wear it to my wedding if I could. I love it so much.)

chapped lips, runny nose, scratchy throat: Symptoms of Christmas?

It hadn't struck me until tonight when I made myself some tea to ease the wrath of my allergies, that endless days of inhaling hot tea and wrapping myself in blankets to warm my desert skin that rejects any sort of cold, that these are the things that define my entrance into the holiday season. Call me an optimist, but this is oddly comforting.

Drink in Nutcracker Sweet Black Tea (who knew! I have always been a strict green tea drinker, but this stuff smells like those warm magic cookie bars my grandma makes)--and the holiday spirit.

Wait, why is California so cool?

ReForm School, I want to meet you. Why do you have to be all the way in Los Angeles? I guess I could be content with your online store, since it has a killer layout. Okay. But just for a while.

P.S. You make me dream of birthdays where I will buy out all your goodies and give them to my friends. This is not good for the health of my wallet, who barely eats as it is. I forgive you.

It's Christmastime!

(My algebra 2 teacher had old discs that we could decorate for extra credit. She did not know what she was asking for when she handed one to me!)

When I wear my glasses, I get the whole, "You look like a librarian" thing. In fact, I do lend my books out to 3345 people already.

Okay, so I'm not so good at math, but I do tend to hand out my books to a LOT of people. So I pretty much need this kit.