i ♥ finger puppets

Bob Ross
Royal Tenenbaums
Martha Stewart
Harold & Maude
Michele Obama
Steve Zissou

ARE THESE NOT AWESOME? (They are.)  I could not have asked for better finger puppets...  It does my heart good to know that these exist, all in the same Etsy shop.  The only ones missing are Chuck, Blair, Nate, and Serena...


So, I had "Something" stuck in my head just now, so I googled it (I am a chronic google-er).  And I found this.  And oh my goodness. How attractive is Paul McCartney in this music video?  SO ATTRACTIVE. Especially here:

IT KILLS ME!  Where can I find this?

'i want summertime' songs

Yep, that IS the lead singer from The Shins.  Cool, right?

i ♥ Penguin Books

Nerdiest thing ever, but I kind of got pretty excited when I saw these mugs on a blog. This made me think of another nerdy thing I saw a while back on Cup of Jo--a Penguin Books-inspired wedding invitation!  "Unabridged Celebration." Now THAT'S what I call cute.

OH MY GOSH.  I was just rereading the information on the invite.  They got married in the public library!  I am so happy people like this are out there and are in love.  Sure does my heart good.  And oh my!  They aren't married yet---they're getting married next weekend!  How lovely!