Day + Age

It was 6th grade. I had finally begun to shred my long years of Disney soundtracks and needed musical guidence. The Killers graciously held out its hand. My first band love was born. To this day, I turn to their CDs first for comfort. So when I say I am deeply anticipating Day & Age's eminent replay in my bedroom once I get my hands on a copy, I mean it.

accidental crafting

In our attempt at this necklace, we stumbled upon these headbands! It was Katie's call--she's so smart!

Twilight in a few words

I was impressed. They actually accomplished making a vampire romance sans the overwhelming cheese--it was a mild and lovable cheese. I don't know if I was the only one to realize this since the majority of the audience was glazed over in a Twilight frenzy, but it was actually made really well and the music and cinematography was actually really really good. (I thoroughly enjoyed the pale skin and grays and blues.) The credits were really nice too. I pay an abnormally large amount of attention to details, it seems. And anyways, who doesn't like a vampire love story with ridiculously good-looking people?

my main mice

Disneyland was swell! Minnie and Mickey are the classiest mice I know. Disneyland in the fall is always very nostalgic for me.

I even picked up some new heart-shaped glasses to replace my broken red ones (R.I.P.) at this awesome vintage store at Newport beach! I've seen it while driving by in the past, but had never had the chance to go in. It was heavenly. I think the adorable red-headed 40s-inspired woman who worked there thought I had never seen so much vintage clothing in one room in my life. And I have to say that this is entirely true! I have never thought of moving someplace else until realizing vintage stores like this are the norm in other places...

Whether you like it or not...

...this is the next family to reside in the White House come January.
I hope everyone was able to hear the speeches last night!!


Remember that blog I am in love with? Well. Look at their costumes. When I saw, I kind of flipped out. I kind of exclaimed a huge OH. MY. GOSH. which I will admit does happen. But we won't tell anyone that, will we?

Maybe I should explain. Violet and Klaus Baudelaire are fictional characters in the children's series A Series of Unfortunate Events. In the fourth grade, it was a hot commodity. I would lend the books to all my friends. We even "played" it at recess. I was always Violet--I would literally wear a ribbon in my hair as she would have while inventing some contraption that would help the Baudelaire orphans escape from the clutches of Count Olaf.

Being reminded of the past is a pretty nice way to begin a week. Happy Monday!


Zebra Erin, train conductor Domenico, Italian Spiderman Katie, hippy Rylee, clown Dahlya, tooth fairy me, creepy mime Timmy, and Rambo Caleb.

My now infamous macaroons?

The bumblebee amongst us.

Her nose kept falling off when she smiled.

The zebra being adorable.
(The hat was used for charades.)

Hope you had a sweet Halloween!