thursday thrills

Lately I've been loving black and white patterns.

Homemade bagels?  I'm in.

Bright-colored tights are my jam. This outfit has the perfect amount of playfulness.

Inspiration from ModCloth lovers.

She & Him has a new album coming out this May.  I already pre-ordered a vinyl copy!

Have a lovely weekend, my friends.  I'm planning on getting ahead on homework and maybe visiting the Portland Art Museum to check out one of the exhibits because I bought a year pass ($15, only $3 more than a day pass) when I went last weekend for a class and want to take advantage of it.

the big 2-0

Last weekend Ted and I celebrated my 20th birthday.  We went to SE to our favorite restaurant,  Screen Door for brunch.  It's always busy, with good reason.  Luckily, it wasn't too long a wait (which was our only bit of good luck that day--we had a few mishaps)!  While we waited, we browsed a nearby vintage shop, which was a lovely time.  Just as we got back, they called our name!

And then we ate.  We ate a lot.  Of course they delivered our three big plates of food right when Ted left the table to go to the restroom.  I got a few looks--I must have looked very ambitious.  Ted and I put up a good fight, but we had plenty of leftovers to take home for dinner.  In fact, we didn't eat those until midnight.  Now that's how you do brunch.

After brunch, we went downtown and I spent the last of my Christmas gift cards on some bright tights, chocolate, and awesome dog pajamas.  I'm so grown up.  After a little difficulty, we went to Alberta to pick up the pendants I made a couple weeks ago and to get some desserts at Petite Provence.  Ted and I might be a little addicted to this place.  We have now been to three of the four locations in the past month or so.  Once for brunch, once for croissants and a tart, and then this time for two birthday treats to share--a "Versaille" and a pear tart.  We found a boulangerie that we love, so no regrets.

On my actual birthday, I was delivered two dozen cupcakes from Saint Cupcake from my family to share with my friends (okay, I shared most of them--the three toasted coconut ones, and then some, were obviously for me only)!  I was so excited, because I had just seen the bakery a few days before and wanted to try it.  Ted also made mini tarts and a normal tart for me and my friends to have that night with the cupcakes, cookies, and other assorted sweets I had acquired.  It was a lovely way to end my birthday festivities.

So, now I'm twenty.  It's a bit weird if you think about it too long.  I'm  counting on this year to be my best yet--traveling, meeting the blogger family, studying abroad, and doing other fun stuff.  Should be pretty great.