thursday thrills

Drink Shop Do sounds like a dream.  File under "things to do in London."

Phoenix has a new album.  And a dog.  See a glimpse of both here.

Also pretty obsessed with Lana Del Rey's cover of Nancy Sinatra's Summer Wine.

I want summer and food...

I want it to be "this outfit weather" all the time.

Basically, it's sunny and nearing the end of school, and I'm pretty giddy.  Have a good weekend, folks.

life lately

It's been very pretty on campus lately--even lovelier than usual (and that's saying a lot since my college is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses).  Spring is such a treat, especially in the northwest.  Finally, all the rain seems worth it, as the flowers come to life.  This week has started out very hopefully--sun all day!  If only it could be this wonderful without the 24/7 rain the majority of the time.  It's a trade off, I suppose.  

Other things:

♥  My team (me and two of my coworkers from the costume shop) won second place at my school's "Historical Project Runway."  It was a blast!  They made it as much like the real show as they could (with obvious amendments, like only being given 15 safety pins, a pair of scissors, and some tape), with hilariously spot-on comments from the judges and "Tim Gunn"... We chose the Industrial Revolution for our inspiration.  The skirt was made with a yellow table cloth, water, coffee, sugar, and dirt.  The two "surprise challenge" items that I grabbed from the pile:  a lampshade (used as a petticoat) and a swatch of fabric (used as waistband).  We "thoughtfully" used the accessory wall by adding the brown belt.  It was pretty great.

♥  This week is my last full week of school before finals fun.  Almost two years of college down, two to go.  And 1/4 of that will be spent in London!

♥ Yesterday was Izzy's 5th birthday.  My mom and sister sang to her and sent me a video, and later we Facetimed.  What a dog!  She is too cute for words.

♥  My cute little sister made this of me on an app.

♥  This week is tech and dress rehearsal for the senior thesis show I helped costume.

♥  I wore these adorable tights from my mom for the first time today!

Happy Earth Day!  Hope your week is lovely.

eat here: babica hen cafe

I never knew how much I loved brunch until I started dating Ted.  Now I look forward to it all week when we decide it's due time to brunch.  This time, I found a place for us to try in nearby Lake Oswego.  Now that Ted has his car here, we can explore the surrounding neighborhood instead of taking the school shuttle downtown, which is great because the neighborhood around my school is very beautiful and pretty much the pacific northwest suburban dream.  My pick was Babica Hen Cafe, and let me tell you--I did good.  It was prime brunching territory.

Ted and I always split when we're out to eat to maximize our food opportunities.  So obviously we had to get the Waffle Waffler--two halfs of two different waffles.  Score, right?  We tried the Barbecued Pork (Smoked pork, coleslaw, blue cheese and avocado sour cream) and Le Waffle Lyonnaise (Black forest ham, fried egg, arugula, tarragon hollandaise).  The Barbecued Pork was our favorite.  However, my favorite dish overall was the Smoked Salmon Quinoa Cakes (Potato quinoa cake, beet & arugula salad, poached farm egg; fruit salad).  They were SO GOOD and seemed pretty healthy too, especially because the cakes were baked instead of fried.  Ted and I are determined to replicate these ASAP.  

Not only was the food wonderful, the resturaunt was so welcoming and the service was awesome.  It kind of reminded me of a model home turned into a resturaunt, because it has a very homey, upscale country feel, with lots of dark wood and family-style tables.  The whole time we were there I was thinking about how much my family would have loved it! 

After brunch we went to Zupan's because I needed toothpaste, and Ted decided I also needed flowers, which was very cute. Top notch brunch date.

10 things that make me happy

Spring Break with my lovely family & friends:  Going to reading under the stars, lunch, and track & field at my mom and sister's elementary school, antiquing with grandparents, eating, reading, sewing, catching up with friends, having prime little sister time, Wednesday PJ's and 1/2 priced yogurt, brunch and movie with family,  sushi with my aunt, Easter with my grandparents a week early, watching bad movies on Netflix, hanging out with Izzy, shopping and lunch with my grandma, dyeing eggs, making mini Easter cupcakes, Easter on Easter, HOUSE HUNTERS...and then some.


I found this on the floor in my room.  Yep.

The best MAX trip on my way back to campus ever:  enjoying a green tea frappuccino (thanks for the gift card, momma) and rereading my acceptance email for London over and over.

A house to live in part of this summer/next semester.  Can't wait to decorate my tiny room!

Parks & Recreation Netflix binge (and that time I had all my classes canceled and crafted).  I'M OBSESSED.

Going to the Sellwood Tea Chai Te with my favorite people here (Ted and Claire).  Rose & Black milk bubble teas all around.  Also, I peeked in a few cute stores, antique stores, the craft store (obviously) and found a couple things at a toy store (and made a friend with the little league kiddo in front of me with a chinese finger trap).

Mad Men came back!  Ready for this season's drama (but mostly this season's costumes).

Other things not encapsulated in pictures:
Trying to eat healthier.
Wearing bright colors.  Feelin' more Kaylie in my springtime clothes.

spring in bloom in my room

Obligatory banner, raindrops & flowers, garland from my friend's sweet mom, umbrella for our plastic  skull, flower seed packets, our seasonal gourd with a flower.

Happy Spring! xoxo

fashion on film: ginger rogers in top hat (1935)

The other night, I watched Top Hat for the first time.  I absolutely adored it.  Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are a dream together.  I can't believe how long it took me to watch this delightful film!  Ginger Rogers totally charmed me the first she came onto screen in her luxurious silk night gown.  The epitome of Art Deco glamour.  I thought it would be fun to channel a few of Ginger's more casual looks and find modern-day answers to her iconic style.

Resort wearromper // belt // wedges // purse

Equestrian-inspired outfit: blazer // blouse // pants // boots // hat

winning london

Yesterday I found out that I was accepted to the Spring 2014 London Arts program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I've been waiting for months to find out, and finally read the decision email on my plane after I landed in Portland (I went home for spring break).  The email stayed blank for what seemed like an entire minute as it loaded.  My heart pounded, my eyes teared up and I stared super intensely at my phone that I was holding in my hands like it held the secrets of the universe (I bet the mom and her teenage son to my right thought I was going insane).  Once it loaded and I processed the information, I felt such a relief wash over me (and fought the urge to tell everyone sitting near me who were impatiently waiting to get the okay to get their carry ons down).  The London program is one of the most competitive study abroad programs offered at my school, so it was an intimidating and stressful application process.  It was worse than applying to colleges.  Really.  So it is such a honor that I am one of the 28 people selected.  And guess who else is one of those people?  


So yeah, it's pretty cool I guess.