life lately

It's been very pretty on campus lately--even lovelier than usual (and that's saying a lot since my college is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses).  Spring is such a treat, especially in the northwest.  Finally, all the rain seems worth it, as the flowers come to life.  This week has started out very hopefully--sun all day!  If only it could be this wonderful without the 24/7 rain the majority of the time.  It's a trade off, I suppose.  

Other things:

♥  My team (me and two of my coworkers from the costume shop) won second place at my school's "Historical Project Runway."  It was a blast!  They made it as much like the real show as they could (with obvious amendments, like only being given 15 safety pins, a pair of scissors, and some tape), with hilariously spot-on comments from the judges and "Tim Gunn"... We chose the Industrial Revolution for our inspiration.  The skirt was made with a yellow table cloth, water, coffee, sugar, and dirt.  The two "surprise challenge" items that I grabbed from the pile:  a lampshade (used as a petticoat) and a swatch of fabric (used as waistband).  We "thoughtfully" used the accessory wall by adding the brown belt.  It was pretty great.

♥  This week is my last full week of school before finals fun.  Almost two years of college down, two to go.  And 1/4 of that will be spent in London!

♥ Yesterday was Izzy's 5th birthday.  My mom and sister sang to her and sent me a video, and later we Facetimed.  What a dog!  She is too cute for words.

♥  My cute little sister made this of me on an app.

♥  This week is tech and dress rehearsal for the senior thesis show I helped costume.

♥  I wore these adorable tights from my mom for the first time today!

Happy Earth Day!  Hope your week is lovely.


shelbyisms said...

I'm so excited for you to go to London! It's going to be so much fun!

Lizzie said...

Ahhhh, I'm glad there's green and plant life in other parts of the country. Minnesota is still under a blanket of snow. Le sigh.

But that's all the complaining I'll do because good things are in my future and yours too!

Natalie said...

SO PRETTY. The historical Project Runway sounds like it was a fun time. LONDON! And oh my goodness your dog is so adorable. And so are those tights!