happy halloween!

I hope you are enjoying yourself watching old movies and baking yummy treats, because that's what I am doing and it is a snazzy time! Have a lovely night.

P.S. What is everyone being? I'm Velma.

I gave Kendal one of my old cardigans

that my mom handed down to me years ago and has since shrunk more (I definitely haven't grown)...

and subsequently dressed her head-to-toe in "Kaylie" garb.

I am pretty positive I wore this ensemble myself a year ago...

including the pigtails.

the Halloween festivities have begun...

+ Last night I got to make cupcakes, carve a pumpkin, and dress up in my costume for the yearbook party. Basically I want to be Velma for life.

+ All I want to do is watch cheesy scary movies from the 50's. So far I have watched The Blob and Earth Vs. The Spider.

+ I have just begun reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, thanks to my awesome grandparents who are quite generous with the "treat" part of Halloween.

+ Kendal is being a black cat for Halloween, so I was asked to make her a black tutu. She's running around somewhere wearing it now.

+ I just ate a piece of my grandma's pumpkin bread with Nutella. Yum!

Happy Saturday! I hope you are enjoying the approach of Halloween as much as I am.


My plans to see Where the Wild Things Are today with my friends Erin and Domenico didn't pan out. This secretly tore me apart, because being the anxious six-year-old I truly am, I can't possibly wait another week for a movie I desperately want to see. I mean, can you imagine waiting more than a day to see the newest Harry Potter? It felt pretty close to that. So when my grandma and I found the antique store already closed, we headed straight for a Harkins.

And then I fell in love. It made me so happy. (And yes, I will definately see it again next weekend.)

The music!
The colors! (I am a sucker for a stellar color scheme in films--I finally watched the second half of The Darjeeling Limited yesterday and the colors pretty much blew my mind.)
The cinematography!
The sets!
The Wild Things!

And for the record, Max Records is cooler than I will ever be.

welcome to our fort

I love forts!

Shucks. I missed the cut off for a Where the Wild Things Are fort-making contest. Bummer. You don't mind if I make one still, do you? I didn't think so.

Well, I'm off to construct my own! Have a lovely Wednesday.

Whip It

It would be close to impossible to hate a movie featuring Ellen Page and roller derby, directed by Drew Barrymore. I mean, really? No dice. Whip It was the quirky coming-of-age film you would anticipate from the like. The soundtrack was enviable, and while some might have been irked by the production's evident indie intentions, I didn't mind; I dig it. It was definately a fun movie with heart and giggles.