c'etait une surpise!

My awesome friends came together and threw me a "bon voyage" party! I was extremely surprised, especially because I didn't have my glasses or contacts in and it took me about half a minute for it to all register. I love my friends! Thanks Erin (the hottie with the humungo cateyes), and everyone who helped!

P.S. The way I see it, I'm closer to being a sailor more than anything else with my excessive use of navy, red, and stripes...

can i really come out of this post retaining my maturity?

I laugh so hard.

Made out of sounds from the first movie...Awesome, right?


My throat still feels like I possibly have swallowed spears in my sleep once again, but my mom made me tea and suggested I eat spoonfuls of honey and sugar to soothe it, which I couldn't possibly turn down. If nothing, I will be too hyped up on sugar to care about my state.

In other news, I have a confession, although those who have caught me reading The Cowboy Encyclopedia (an extensive collection of cowboy vocabulary--I can't find it anywhere on the web) in the library before school already have connected the dots and even encourage my infatuation with western-esque birthday gifts. :)

I have this obscure dream about being a cowboy, but actually a sort of annoying hipster cowboy that would probably be beaten up with a lasso, because I'd eat vegetarian chili (mmm) and cactus fruit and wear flowy sundresses that I sewed myself with cowboy boots and cowboy hat. I'd bake pies (I love baking pies) and cornbread and ride a horse obviously! Also, make an infinite supply of trail mix at least once a month.

I realize I am being ridiculous, but this is what goes on in my head at times, especially when I am stuck in the library an hour before school or home sick with spoonfuls of honey and sugar.

picture via A Cup of Jo

three taps up, two across...

Okay, so this isn't the entrance to Diagon Alley, but mere Muggle bricks found at SanTan Village yesterday with my Grandma Mimi. (Humor me; I can hardly wait until June 15th's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...EEEEE! Uh no...that was not a girlish squeal...)

Unfortunately I was feeling rather sickly, so we opted to see The Proposal--which was cute--I think I've developed a little something for Ryan Reynolds, which is completely random. We need a visual here.

Weird, because I don't usually gravitate towards blondes. Can't resist his boyish charm I suppose! Also, he reminds me a bit of George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Who knows.

We also stopped into Forever 21 and I found the BEST dress. More about that later!

Excuse my rambling and hardcore explanation points. I've been sick the past few days and am just starting to feel a bit better due to my extensive sleeping and water-drinking, so this excites me, because I have a trip coming up that I certainly need to be in tip-top shape for!

the only time i've found myself brunette with envy

Blonde hair looks so cool with light blue tips! What looks unbearably awesome with brown hair? Anything? Sad.

picture of peaches gedolf via fashion copious


My new favorite thing to do is eat junk food while reading Harry Potter. Funny, but without fail this makes me feel 10 again.

And yet, the same feeling overcomes me as I eat sushi while reading Chamber of Secrets. (This happened only moments ago.) I'm pretty sure I have just spent numerous meals with books plastered to my face.

The scolding I used to get!

probably what Demetri Martin's children would wear everyday

new album alert!



Yesterday, my grandparents and I ventured down to Tucson for the day. After checking out the U of A campus, we wandered the shops nearby. I could definately see myself living there, with its unique shops and quirky characters. Plus, there is a Urban and Chipotle nearby, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Oh, and an American Apparel just in case I need extra pillow cases.

A few notes:

I found an awesome recycled-magazine box at this store called PopCycle. Everything in the store was in some way recycled, which was neat. Bonus: Hearing the outside fiddler's music wafting through the open door.

Antigone Books was a great bookstore-fix. (Always necessary!)

There were a few vintage stores sprinkled around, but we only went into How Sweet it Was. The vibe was good, the clothes fun to browse, but I couldn't find anything that would possibly fit me! That's always a sad story, but what can you do? There was a promising pair of cateyes that I tried on, but they bent forward for some reason, so that was a deal breaker. A couple of guys came in looking for hats, but unfortunately they all proved too small for them. Cute.


tights-kids gap
shoes-nordstrom rack
headband-made with embroidery floss and hard-earned brownie patch :)
pin-another girl scout souvenir

Can't seem to grow up, can I?
In the end, I had to send myself to time-out for having too much fun with the ten-second timer (my new best friend).




I caved last night and began reading the series again before the movie. Almost done with book one...I feel like I'm reading the back of my hand.

Plus, isn't Harry Potter Wiki great? Just don't go there if you're planning on reading the series! That would be ghastly.

night swim

Aka my sis swims while I toy around with the camera.

Our pool light changes colors!

high and low

Today Rylee, Kate, and I hit downtown Mesa. Somehow this meant sparkley paper, a vintage glitter plate (for cake, what else?), and ribbon. I'm a sucker for ribbon. And everything that sparkles, apparently.

On a heavier note (as opposed to say, a light one), my favorite sandwich shop had a notice on its door. As in a no-more-Veggie-Melts-for-Kaylie notice. And I really wanted a Veggie Melt. What I want more is NO MORE CLOSING OF ANYTHING! Especially local sandwich shops! Those are vital to our existance!

My favorite home magazines, all those shops down Mill Avenue, and now The Picnic Company? I'm so over this Great Recession.

where the wild things are

THIS LOOKS SO GREAT! Props for using an Arcade Fire song for the trailer, BTW.

right now, you should be...

...forgetting that the ten-second timer is on and catching a silly moment.
...listening to Belle & Sebastian or Dr. Dog. Either will do the trick.
...reading. Anything.
...eating sorbet from Costco. Or peanut butter pie. Depends.
...watching every chick flick available On Demand.
...daydreaming. Anything.

partying like it's 1999

I think I would wear this everyday if I were a cartoon character. It reminds me so much of me as a little(r) kid, and let's face it, I own more navy than any other color.

generic Croc-looking shoes-Buffalo Kids (yeah yeah, my feet are minuscule)
velvet headband-remnant of my 90's childhood...hah
beaded purse-gift

what do you think?

I'm thinking about starting to blog some outfits of mine?
I really want to, but kind of need to be talked into it. Thoughts?

love this

I feel like I've heard this song in Anthro before. It reminds me of some of my favorite places: Anthro (obvs), Kate Spade, and Nicole's.

san francisco treats



Sometimes I think my parents may be cooler than me... Sometimes.