11 things that make me happy

These adorable New Girl pictures.

AVOCADOS ALL DAY EVERY DAY. (I have to try this!!!!)

Waiting for Wes Anderson's new film.

When my friends dress up as Glee characters with me (Klaine forever) for my finale party.

Adorable proposals.

Having a yummy lunch & shopping date with my stylish grandma.

Daydreaming about having long hair again.

Hanging out with Izzy in my room.

This awesome typography channel on Vimeo.

The fact that I will get to see this silly bear in less than two weeks. (Sad face=this vintage blazer doesn't fit me.)

This part from the second to last episode of Glee.  How can you not be happy after you watch this?  Happy tears for days.

What's making you happy this weekend?

youngest old lady ever: the daily goings of a nineteen year old

Let me introduce you to THE BEST THING EVER -- AVOCADO FRIES!!!!!!!!

Make them ASAP if you love avocados and you love yourself.  I made them twice this past week.  I have to pace myself, you guys....  BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD.
Last Sunday I helped out my grandma with her new garden box she got for Mother's day.  My cousin Nate knew what he was doing, so he helped us out.  I need more gardening in my life!

I'm really enjoying being home and being able to spend quality time with my family, whether it means gardening, knitting, going out to eat, or watching The Bachelorette!  Love all of you lots!
This summer has been the summer of sewing.  I have been doing a ton of sewing at work, but I am just starting to get into some personal projects.  I bought some cheap fabric the other day and found a use for it that night.  The pattern I used was from 1968.  Of course, I made a few adjustments:  Smaller fit, two fabrics instead of one, and no ruffles around the top wrap.  I still need to make a proper belt for it--the one shown above is one I own, but works really well with the dress!

Next I am going to start working on this dress (version B) for Erin!  I can't find an exact year, but I'm assuming it's from the mid-to-late 50's.  We picked out an adorable grayish baby blue for the dress and a mustard yellow (aka Erin's signature color) pattern for the accents.  Can't wait to start this one!

Between all the cooking, gardening, sewing, and knitting, I am either an old lady with nothing else better to do or a very busy housewife.  Either way, I'm a happy Kaylie.

big sis/little sis

Big sis: dress/Nordstrom (long ago), sunglasses/gift from Rachel, necklace/gift from grandparents, vintage brooches/flea market, hair bow/Nordstrom, shoes/Saltwater  Little sis: dress/Target, sunglasses/borrowed from me, vintage brooch/borrowed from me

summer lovin', lovin' summer

Coffee with Erin. (I obviously chose my caramel machiatto to match her.)  So happy to be home and sitting at our usual table at Starbucks.  What would I do without this girl?  Take two years to knit a miniature cactus, for starters.
Pittsburg Willy's with my grandma and papa.  That is the Big Willy Mac n' Chili.  This place is such a guys place, but I love it so much.  Only downside was that they didn't havpirogues left when we got there.  Sadface.  I need to make some pirogues soon too!  

Next my grandma and I antiqued at Merchant Square!
Here are some of my favorite finds.  Obsessed with brooches, 50's/60's dresses, girly finds, and state memorabilia. 
Oh, and this ridiculous shell suit!  To my excitement, they expanded their outside space to what they now call the "Picker's Alley"....  I could have roamed this alley of rusty treasures for hours if it weren't 106 degrees here already.
And finally...my favorite finds.  These two pieces are everything I believe in style-wise.
Erin found this somewhere and said it was me and Ted.  When I edited it to black and white, I realized that it is obviously the opening sequence of our children's cartoon series from the 50's....  Of course!
It's summertime when the fruit sorbet from Costco is in the freezer.  I enjoy sculpting it as I slowly eat it with one of the gloriously small plastic spoons that they come with.  And yeah, I am starting to really miss that cuddly bearded guy...

But don't worry, I have been keeping busy with my internship/job working for a local costumer.  Right now we are working on Beauty & the Beast.  It has been a lot of fun and I have been learning a ton!  I have gotten used to industrial sewing machines (I don't know why I was so afraid of them in the shop at school) and have been doing a lot of crafty things, mostly including a glue gun.  Today involved a lot of gold ribbon and trim, which is fine with me!

Enjoying the heat (for now) on the patio, getting excited for the Glee season finale (Tuesday's two hour episode was so beautiful), finally reading Mockingjay, and watching Mad Men (almost completely caught up!)...  Life is good.

photo diary: northern arizona

My family, along with some family friends, spent the weekend in Flagstaff to celebrate my mom's graduation at NAU (She just finished her Masters).  It was a lovely time!  We stayed at the charming Little America, enjoyed a lunch at Beaver Street Brewery and a dinner at the quirky Pizza Furiosa, and drove to the Grand Canyon.  I also enjoyed some downtime knitting, watching Mad Men online and Harry Potter on HBO, and even taking a dip in the jacuzzi with an ice cream drumstick.  I'd say, "Now it's back to reality," but hey, it's summer!  If all goes well, there will be many more small road trips ahead of me.  Happy Summer!  xoxo

Outfit:  top/Gap Kids (boys, hah), shorts/Urban Outfitters,  cardigan/Nordstrom Rack? 2 centuries ago, sandals/Saltwater, scarf (worn as headband)/Kate Spade, side bag + bracelet/gift from grandparents,  vintage sunglasses/gift from Domenico, cactus earrings (a must for a Arizonian road trip!)/gift from Mikaela

a last bite, and a first

Paris.  New York.  Hawaii.  Kansas.  Tuscon.  California.  Seattle. Orlando.  Utah.  Japan.  Chicago. Boston.

I keep learning of new places that people I know are going to be this summer. Unfortunately some of these people are close friends. And some of these people are school friends who went home of course. They're everywhere.

Everywhere but the suburban desert that I call home.

It's not that I am jealous. I am thrilled to be home. But most of that thrill comes from the familiarity and comfort of home, family, and friends. And the latter part is getting more difficult to wrap my head around.

My friends and I have come to the age that we actually have STUFF going on. Internships in different states, even different countries. That's great. I love that. But it's also a big punch in the shoulder from reality, saying, Things are changing...

The thing about change is that I have come to realize how terrible I am with it. It is not the act of change that I don't know how to handle, but the end of whatever brings on the change. I am bad at goodbyes.

It always stresses me out when I am watching a movie or reading a book and a person knows they won't see someone for a while, or maybe ever again and they just don't say goodbye. They don't leave a tidy end, just in case their paths don't cross again, or something dramatic like that.

Why wouldn't you say goodbye?!?!? I think angrily. Don't be stupid....

I am one of those people who is overly aware of endings.  Yet this awareness doesn't help the matter--it only makes it more emotional. I appreciate things when they are happening, when they are ending, and when they are over. A lot of people don't appreciate things until they have more perspective on a matter, but I get overwhelmed with emotion about everything. Everything. It would be embarrassing to admit what little moments and occurrences I cherish. It's a blessing and a curse. When these things come to a close I search to find a way to have them end tidily and happily. In my head I have to say goodbye in my own way.

This struck me as I was eating lunch the other day.  I'm a big believer in "last bites."   When I am enjoying a meal, I don't feel completely satisfied unless I get that delicious, tasty last bite.  I'm the same way with people, situations, anything that is possible to say goodbye to...  I want that last taste to be something to remember, something to capture the essence of the thing that is ending.  This can be stressful at times, because saying goodbye isn't easy and it's usually not very artful.  Yet I try to do my best, just so I can at least say I tried.

However, some endings you don't see coming... or maybe you decide to ignore that they're coming.  I didn't anticipate that my world would be stretched, literally, across the world this summer.  I guess a part of me thought that summer would be a time for everyone to reunite at home from our respective new "homes"... I now realize how deluded I was to think this.

So here I am, saying goodbye to a time where we were all stuck in the desert each summer. Except, it certainly didn't feel like we were very stuck, because we had so much fun together, even if all we had to do was watch movies, bake, and craft since the blazing sun kept us indoors most of the time. But that was okay, because I love all those things, especially with my favorite people. I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends, and am going to enjoy every last bite of the next course of our friendship.

And besides, even when we're ancient, I would still like to think that we would drive somewhere in the desert at night to dance ridiculously to the music blasting from the car.

momma goose day

Kendal and I love our momma goose.  She's a sweet Kindergarten teacher who likes to talk...a lot.  I am very thankful to have such a lovely mom to call my own.  

Here are some cards my sister and I made for her to thank her for all she does for us...
All you need is:  cardstock, fabric, a sewing machine, and letter stickers if you want.
Inspired by this post.