11 things that make me happy

These adorable New Girl pictures.

AVOCADOS ALL DAY EVERY DAY. (I have to try this!!!!)

Waiting for Wes Anderson's new film.

When my friends dress up as Glee characters with me (Klaine forever) for my finale party.

Adorable proposals.

Having a yummy lunch & shopping date with my stylish grandma.

Daydreaming about having long hair again.

Hanging out with Izzy in my room.

This awesome typography channel on Vimeo.

The fact that I will get to see this silly bear in less than two weeks. (Sad face=this vintage blazer doesn't fit me.)

This part from the second to last episode of Glee.  How can you not be happy after you watch this?  Happy tears for days.

What's making you happy this weekend?


Lizzie said...

Exploring and bike rides!

Bookish.Spazz said...

Making art!

mayte. said...

I am just going to say that your dog is adorable.

also things that make me happy: perfume genius!

▲my• said...

Cool tidbit about that proposal: the girl in the red dress choreographed that whole thing, and she's the daughter of the receptionist for one of my dad's old jobs.

Kaylie said...

That's awesome!