trial and erin

In hopes of fulfilling my goal to "Learn to knit (and not forget)," I've been working on a small project, which I might share at a later date if it turns out half decent.  I have made many forays into knitting over the years, but have lacked the patience to finish anything worthwhile.  Thanks to my aunt Keli, I am starting fresh with with some new bamboo needles and multicolored yarn (to hide inevitable mistakes).
Today Erin and I made knit cactuses.  Hooray for actually finishing a project!  In two episodes of season 1 Glee, no less.  Props to Erin, who was very patient with me even after I made 9230498 mistakes.  The cup holding the cactus is from an adorable vintage sake set that Domenico gave to me for my birthday years ago.  I think he was under the impression it was a tea set at the time, but that's okay--it's adorable.  I am watching Mad Men at the moment and Don Draper just whipped out some sake.  Of course, Don.  ALSO, Sue made a Mad Men reference during tonight's new Glee episode and I loved that and everything is connected and life is like that.

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