photo diary: northern arizona

My family, along with some family friends, spent the weekend in Flagstaff to celebrate my mom's graduation at NAU (She just finished her Masters).  It was a lovely time!  We stayed at the charming Little America, enjoyed a lunch at Beaver Street Brewery and a dinner at the quirky Pizza Furiosa, and drove to the Grand Canyon.  I also enjoyed some downtime knitting, watching Mad Men online and Harry Potter on HBO, and even taking a dip in the jacuzzi with an ice cream drumstick.  I'd say, "Now it's back to reality," but hey, it's summer!  If all goes well, there will be many more small road trips ahead of me.  Happy Summer!  xoxo

Outfit:  top/Gap Kids (boys, hah), shorts/Urban Outfitters,  cardigan/Nordstrom Rack? 2 centuries ago, sandals/Saltwater, scarf (worn as headband)/Kate Spade, side bag + bracelet/gift from grandparents,  vintage sunglasses/gift from Domenico, cactus earrings (a must for a Arizonian road trip!)/gift from Mikaela

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Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahhh! Your photos are so awesome! So. Very. Awesome.