home is where the collection is

So, I am home.  It feels good.  
That is an understatement.  It feels FANTASTIC.  I am as happy as a bright orange spoon who smiles.
When I walked into my room (my room!), I found a box on the floor.  I opened it and discovered my new baking supplies I got from Easter!  Not only is it all adorable, it all matches in a way.  I love it.  I decided I MUST have colorful house appliances the rest of my life.  Or else.
When I started taking in my room (my room!), I noticed another collection I had started a while ago. My grandma gave me her old diary from when she was a teenager (middle).  Years later in ninth grade, I spotted the small diary on the far right in an antique store and decided I would start a collection.  I found the far left one at an antique store in Edinburgh.
I have two matchboxes with birds on them, so naturally I consider this an accidental collection.
One of my most recent accidental collections consists of three framed embroidery.  The above is a gift from my  creative and thoughtful friend Rylee.  This gift made me cry when I opened it at our Christmas brunch!

I saw this embroidered wonder at a thrift store near my house when I was out with Erin, Domenico, and Erin's sister Emily.  I ogled it, scorned the day for not being half-off whatever colored sticker it had on it, and then sadly bid it farewell....UNTIL I OPENED IT AT CHRISTMAS BRUNCH.  If I haven't already convinced you that I have the most awesome friends ever, I will also say that Kate gave me an adorable embroidered Arizona on floral fabric.  I wish I had a picture of it, but it's in Portland with my other Arizona memorabilia (another collection in the making).
PENGUIN BOOKS.  Much like most of my collections, I don't actively collect Penguin editions, but I am very fond of them.......
Very fond.
Another happy accident--gold frames.  I also have some more metallic-esque frames that are in the same world as these... I just love small touches of glamour like this.

HEART-SHAPED SUNGLASSES.  This is probably my most active collection.  I need more......

What I'm trying to say is:
Being home is awesome.
Having time to think about collecting habits is a luxury of summer.
The best collections are usually accidental.
Unless they are heart-shaped sunglass; in that case, you should pursue them with force.


Bookish.Spazz said...

I love all your collections!!

Also, that embroidery of your tweet is absolutely wonderful! :)

▲my• said...

Someone embroidered one of your tweets? HOW COOL!

Kaylie said...

Test, test 123...
I am replying to your comment!???