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I feel happy! Hooray!

i miss it

Mark my words, one day you will be reading about my adventures studying abroad in Ireland my sophomore year. If you need any reassurance whatsoever, just look at the green. This was not edited. It is THAT green. My promise is to true as Ireland is to green...

yearbook camp in san diego

Mission Beach!
That was only half of the slice...
Kate lent me her sunglasses.
Belmont Park.

Hello there, John.

the beautiful SDSU campus
We like big books and we cannot lie...
Mary cracks me up.
Dance party?
The sweet library.

Chalk drawings.
A doodle on the art building.

A sculpture garden near the art building.

An unusual flower that I wouldn't mind on a headband.

Passed-out people at the hypnotist show. So funny.

Work-out attire in honor of the party the last night.

Our clever flag made by Kate--I'm dark blue (the theme was "The Amazing Race").
The book is designed! Hooray!

lately my life has consisted of...

scoping out tea cups at the antique store. (This one was the winner.)

pretending I am glamorous.

using these heart pins and feeling special.

feeding Edmund, my fish.

resisting the urge to buy 2329473274 more vintage diaries for my collection (that stands at 3).
binge-shopping for dresses...Trouble...

mentally preparing for school's eminent arrival by revamping my backpack that was my mom's in the 90's. (Once again, a souvenir from my girl scouting days put to good use--hooray!)

+watching Bravo like a fiend...And Food Network...Stayed up till 2 watching Ace of Cakes last night...Oops.

wouldn't this make a clever craft?

anthro, way too much $$

romeo + juliet

While I was in Stratford, I found the most adorable Romeo and Juliet finger puppets to give to my seven year old sister--including the nurse, Paris, and even the friar. To my pleasure, I found them being put to good use today, even if it meant they were dancing and singing along to Taylor Swift's Love Story...

remember those cat eyes?

They fit perfectly and I can see perfectly out of them! Totally bizarre. Pretty sure I had them in a past life. Thanks, Etsy.

arguing has never looked cuter

found here

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
(click for info)

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland comes out on my BIRTHDAY--March 5th, 2010. This is quite wonderful and this new adaption has completely reawakened my love for the old classic...and obviously my themed-party-planning skills. Can't wait!

but it's practical...

I've been on this organization kick over the summer. So naturally I have become a little obsessed with STORAGE UNITS. A little odd, but yes. So this right here, why, this is a dream come true.

The thing is.

Well, the thing is I already splurged on a Martha Stewart storage box the other day at Micheal's. THE SAME EXACT COLOR. This is too much. I really need to cool off a bit with Etsy shopping. It's cyber-antiquing. Aka bad for my savings account. What's a girl to do?

(Gathers common sense and a little something called willpower that is cowering in the corner.)

I can't purchase it. It wouldn't make any sense. I've bought 2 good-sized boxes already this summer, and already have a wicker suitcase AND a giant black industrial plastic trunk waiting for a makeover....

Alright. Good. Solved. I feel a lot better about leaving this one behind now.

you saw this one coming...

Yesterday (and I mean ALL of the day) a few of us got together to have a Harry Potter marathon at Kate's. Here you can plainly see that Victor Krum, Sybill Trewlaney, Cho Chang, Lily Potter, James Potter, Harry Potter, Rita Skeeter, and Ginny Weasley were present. Obviously we ate cauldron cakes, pretzel wands, and snowy owl cupcakes, along with butterbeer (fyi which should not be consumed in liberal amounts due to its high butter content).

Haven't I ever mentioned I was best friends with Lily and James Potter?

Or the fact that I'm Molly Weasley? (Yes, that's a wand you can barely see hovering over the saucepan.)

Lily, Sybill, and Cho waiting in line.
Molly and Lily reunited once more! (Don't ask me where Arthur was; I'm surprised he didn't scoop up the opportunity to witness the Muggle feat that is the silver screen...)

I absolutely adored it. Probably my favorite film so far in the series other than Prisoner of Azkaban, because it was unique in its completely teenage humor. I loved that, especially being the same age as the students. The cinematography and color were awesome as always. Yes, there were alterations, and sometimes additions, but everything worked together to create a seamless production. Lovely movie.