Busy, busy weekend. The moral of this post is don't bake with me if you're pretty particular about measurement or order. (Birthday party was today. Post to come later in the week, since I only allowed myself these two seconds to share my messy baking-antics. I'm surprised Dahlya maintained her cool!)


Disappointingly, we did not have a Mardi Gras celebration in French due to AIMS testing (Zut!). In fact, I did not even get to go to French today because the schedule was beyond weird. It turned out okay though. I got some embroidery in. Is that weird?

IN OTHER NEWS, yes, today is Mardi Gras, so that means that I, being Catholic, am permitted to give something up.

This year I plan to be PARTICULARLY INTENSE.

I plan to give up THE TELEVISION (with the exception of Gossip Girl and The City--sorry!).

I plan to give up THE COMPUTER (with the exception of schoolwork and okay, I will make exceptions for awesomeness such as my 16th birthday, Pi day, and the like).

I think the exceptions are acceptable since two "sacrifices" are in question. Don't you think?

Well I'm off to unplug my TV and get some sleep!

picture, flickr

P.S. Despite my mom's anxious eyes, everyone seems to be welcoming my new haircut with open arms. I'm a little convinced I am a little girl in the 1930's hair-wise... Hmm.

paris 1962

I am in love with these amazing pictures of Paris in the 60's...The last picture is so my current haircut (yes, my new hobby is cutting my bangs supershort--oops).

etsy, you make me cry

This simple dress reminds me how sad I am that my sewing machine hasn't had much action for a while. Mostly reserved for tailoring and gifts, my sewing machine--although actually quite frequently used--hasn't spat out something special for moi for months! Possibly spring break I will catch up with my lovely Singer...

Whoa, the girl in the picture kind of looks like me, doesn't she? It's not! Found here.


This stop-motion animation film was a lot of fun! It would have been killer in 3D had that been available...(took me about a half hour into the movie to get over that one). While the offbeat humor skated over most of the young children there, my friends and I had frequent fits of giggles--the guy who sat beside me seemed to catch on too. Always quirky, sometimes creepy, Coraline* was a charming way to spend a Friday evening (and $9.50--geez!).

*Though linked to (they worked together on The Nightmare Before Christmas), this is not a Tim Burton film. It hails from Henry Selick, who while sharing a style that is rather similar, obviously trades in Burton's dreary palate for lush, popping colors.

a peek at this year's crop of valentines

I'm really digging on the Mod Podge lately.
Probably the best thing to come out of the 60's craft-wise...