my heart breaks

I have just found out in the most devastating way that Blueprint, a magazine from the Martha Stewart brand, no longer exists.

In a sudden spurt of longing, I type in Blueprint magazine and can't find its website. I go to the Martha Stewart website and click on 'magazines' and it's not there. I finally click on a little link while I'm googling, and it announces, so bluntly and with no concern for my fragile heart, that Martha, my dear Martha! shut the magazine down.

And I just thought my subscription had run dry! It's gone! I miss it! MAGAZINES FOLDING! SCARIEST THING EVER!

I love you, Blueprint. I miss you and will save your issues forever.

When I'm the next Martha Stewart this will never happen...


(Thank goodness for Domino...)

a few notes on Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

  • great playlist (REALLY???)
  • those girls down there better close their mouths when Micheal Cera is on screen
  • and PLEASE stop laughing when there is no joke
  • but regardless, realistic teenage wit
  • Nick and Norah ARE SO DARN CUTE DANCING (see above)
  • I like Kat Dennings' lipstick color
  • oh oh and I want Nick to make me some CD mixes pronto, thanks




I can only hope to ever be this embarrassingly cool.

you look tops

Heh, had to post this. It's from an old Sally Stitch book. My mannequin happens to be a Sally Stitch! I never knew she was so well known...

friday night craft

So I had a pretty undeniable urge to stitch this sky blue crocheted collar to a cashmere sweater that was a hand me down from Nicole a few years back. I have no idea where the collar came from or if it was even intentionally meant as a collar, but I am quite glad it found me. I chose magenta embroidery floss to offset the evident old lady vibes the collar possessed and settled in on my bed with Bravo (so good!) to accompany me. I think it turned out really nice, especially paired with my trusty khaki pants that I have had since literally the fourth grade that have since been cut and rolled up to act as shorts. The whole look seems a little Lorick, but I could just be flattering myself.


I love my room, but even I am beginning to notice how cluttered it has become, especially with the holiday season's many crafts looming about. I am only starting to realize clutter doesn't always equal creativity and even I, a mere Pisces, can be a bit more maintained in my habitat. I have concluded that I MUST take this issue into control the next couple of weeks, and I thought it might help me to pinpoint some areas.

I think I'll start small, with my hats and scarves...

It looks all fun and games until retrieving one sliver of a silver belt becomes an avalanche of scarves slithering to the floor.... Imagine a game of Jenga, except it's 6:15 am and all you want is to have a belt to wrap around your dress.

...and yes, the denim hat is a relic from my Girl scouting days.

I think I have mistaken my room as a keepsake box that is shoved haphazardly under the bed.

*Update: While sorting my scarves, hats, belts, and purses (that I should probably use more often now that I think of it), I pretty much began three new craft projects. Oops? I did complete the task at hand, although the outcome kind of freaked me out. I don't do well with the initial look of organization. I have to let it gradually develop more organically... Until it's an overgrown garden of acessories. Double oops. Oh well. I try.