love is too weak a word

These posters of one of my favorite movies ever are so sweet.  If Annie Hall was on Netflix instant, I would definitely be in the mood to watch it right now.  Instead, I will watch When Harry Met Sally, another of my all time favorites (which could probably be expected).  Just for the record, I am in love with Netflix Instant.

i'm in love

...with Layers Cake Shop.

The sprinkles.

The cupcake cups.

The edible glitter.

Oh the baking possibilites!

I'm officially ready for holiday season.

(Yeah, I know it's only August.  So what?)

P.S.  It rained just now.  Hard.  Rain in the desert is a beautiful thing.  I'm quite glad the monsoons have finally decided to arrive.  Way to be fashionably late, weather!


HAS COMMENCED.  I can't lie.  I am pretty stoked.  First of all, my schedule rules... In the morning: AP Gov, AP English, AP French V; in the afternoon: Yearbook, Yearbook, NO 6TH HOUR.  It is awesome.

Junior year felt and was completely crazy, so I'm feeling really good about senior year.  It will still be as busy as ever with yearbook, but it will be SO FUN it won't even matter.  And just think, a year from now I will be heading off to college, whether it be twenty minutes away in Tempe, or a two hour plane trip to Oregon.  For now though, I'm going to focus on making my last year of high school the sweetest ever.

Life is happening, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it!

more movies to see! it never ends...

Oh my goodness.  Both are so attractive.  I can't handle it!

I ♥ Jason Bateman.  'Nuff said.

Movies I have seen the last two weeks:  Despicible Me (loved it), Inception (OH MY GOODNESS SO GOOD), Dinner for Schmucks (Hilarious), and Ramona Beezus (So cute).

i miss you, plaid jacket. (but not so much you, biology homework)

 Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut with your wardrobe?  Well, for someone like me, it's a sad situation, because I love using clothes to show whatever crazy thing I'm into at the moment, whether it be fifties housewife (usually the case) or cowboys (I found some boots in Flag--sooooo excited to wear them).

  It's not so much a rut as an impatience.  Can't it be cooler out, already?  All I want to do is wear tights and cardigans and jackets and headbands (Maybe I am just experiencing GG withdrawal?).  Sometimes I start getting dressed and I realize that I am wearing 3492374938 more layers than is acceptable for summer in Arizona.  I do love the warm weather, but I think I love dressing for Fall and Winter just as much, if not more.  I think that I might be able to weather (pun intended) living somewhere else (like Portland, yeah!) with cold winters for this reason alone.  As long as I can wear some chunky sweaters and hats, life is good.