busy body

I've been keeping busy this month with school and fun.  It's incredible how much can happen in a few short weeks--I feel like I've been back at school much longer. ..
A few weekends ago I went to the Oregon Zoo with some friends to observe some animals for an acting assignment (as a design concentration, I still have to take one performance class for my major).  It turns out I am the same size as a Sun Bear.  How fitting!  PS I imitated an otter.On a Monday night, Ted and I went to the restaurant opening for Imperial and literally ordered at least 3/4 of the menu.  Ted's got connections--we ate with the chef's mom!  THE NEXT NIGHT, I saw Memphis for free at the Keller with Ted and his musical theatre class.
Last weekend I saw Avenue Q with Ted and friends.  Hilarious.  Also observed an old lady for another acting assignment.  Yup.  Also, the day before I FINALLY WENT TO THE BUTTON EMPORIUM & RIBBONRY DOWNTOWN.  ENOUGH SAID.
This Saturday I went downtown and to NW 23rd with Claire for shopping, Tea Chai Te,  and Little Big Burger.  It was a sunny and perfect day, especially when it ended with...
OATMEAL CRAISIN COOKIES (devoured during a viewing of an embarrassing movie that may have included vampires)!!!!!

Then, the next morning I walked in the AIDS walk with Ted and after we got sushi (it was my first time eating at a conveyer belt sushi place).  Yes, I have been having an eventful September!  And it hasn't even ended yet.

Now, back to homework....

new line at shabby apple

There is a cute and classy new line at Shabby Apple called Highclere Castle.  I love its retro British vibe!  My favorite is the navy blue tulle skirt.  If you see something you like, use the code "High" for 10% off store wide.

fall mix

Fall 2012 by Kaylie Hatos on Grooveshark

I know it's not officially Autumn yet, but it is in my heart.  All I want is pumpkin-flavored everything and holiday crafting.  Here are some tunes to jam to while you're daydreaming about warm pie, knit blankets, and multicolored leaves.

P.S.  That is a pumpkin spice latte made by my dad the morning before I left to come back to school.  Yep, he's that cool.  Also, for pumpkin recipes galore (plus crafty loveliness), go here.

a lovely day in the neighborhood

Saturday was the perfect day for an outdoor date.  Ted and I went to the Portland Rose Gardens and enjoyed the sun and scenery.  It was absolutely lovely being able to lay down in the outdoor amphitheater people watching and cloud watching.  Just wonderful.  After walking around the gardens we went to the new Little Big Burger on 23rd and had some long overdue burgers and fries.  A day doesn't get much better than this.  It's good to be back!

eat here: salt & straw in portland, or

Last night we went to Salt & Straw to have some of the best ice cream Portland has to offer.  I have been waiting to try this place since last year, and thankfully a brand new one opened in my favorite Portland neighborhood (NW 23rd).  Since I'm not sure when we'll have another warm weekend like this (low 90s!), it was vital we get ice cream before it goes back to cold and rainy.

Flavors I tried:  Pear with Blue Cheese, Strawberry Honey Balsamic w/ Black Pepper, Feast's Oregon Bounty, and Chocolate with Gooey Brownie.

My favorite by far:  Pear with Blue Cheese.  Creamy, subtle, yet sweet & savory, and just interesting. 

I can't wait to try more flavors, especially if they do seasonal flavors like PUMPKIN.  Please have that be a thing.  

last of the summer crafting

A couple days before I left, I had some friends over to hug and hang out and eventually say goodbye until the holidays.  Erin even came over in the dress I made her!  I'm really critical of everything I sew, but Erin made it look adorable with her accessories and natural beauty.
Since it had been much too long, and I had promised my grandpa to make him chocolate macarons sometime, I decided to bake some chocolate macarons filled with nutella for his birthday.  They actually turned out pretty delicious!  

Well, now I'm back to school, syllabi, and social awkwardness.  I'll post about my room once it's all shaped up and pretty.