what goes around, comes around

There's no denying the past.
my past=my present
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The only thing that hasn't carried into my present that is a bit disappointing is my love of homevideo-making. Whatever happened to that? I used to whip up weather reports of slushie flash floods and interview family members. Maybe that is better left behind though, like my Spice Girl dance routines.

Nonetheless, it's nice to remember the magic of my first Harry Potter book, the delight of an Otter Pop and the surprise of Pop Rocks, the satisfaction of pairing my sequin belt with every outfit I owned, and my Spongebob CD player...and camera...and flip flops. The cat eyes and big bow headbands have especially survived the test of time, as with metallic flats. Life was good, and continues to be to this day--provided the use of the word "coolio" is left comfortably in the past.

please see this

You won't regret it.
Up is officially my new favorite movie.


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it is quite apparent what era I long for

glamorous II
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I don't think I can keep up the whole summer storytelling thing.

Basically, I've been busy.

It's a nice feeling though, knowing that I have earned those moments when laziness completely overcomes me and it's okay that my grandma makes me banana splits and strawberry shortcake sundaes two nights in a row. (My parents are in San Francisco.)

Life is good and full...much like me after those delectable sundaes.

No complaints here.

summer anecdote #6

Babysat again. We braided bracelets and slip 'n slide-ed.

JUST REALIZED how far we are into the year of '09. Geez. In my mind, it's almost Halloween--I'm being Velma. Man, I love Scooby Doo.

All I can watch is abc Family...Weird...

summer anecdote #5

Peacock feathers from some lady's house who cuts Izzy's hair. Their feathers fall off in July I was told. I love these pictures. I used the micro setting or whatever it's called and just jammed the camera as close as possible (they were on my armoire aka I am short) and the pictures turned out so lovely!

Babysat all day, which was nice.

Once home, I read Martha Stewart Living outside and munched on a mozzerella/cream cheese/tomato/weird olive dip wrap... Actually pretty delicious. I feel like I should have been sitting in a wicker chair...in Maine. Or maybe just 30 years older.

At Old Navy I purchased my very first raincoat. It is hot pink with white flowers. Naturally.

the original "It" girl

Starring in a silent film named It in 1927, Clara Bow became the first to be dubbed an It girl. I've always thought that this was an interesting bit of information. (Truthfully, I snagged it from a long ago-read Nylon.) Now, in the midst of my 1920's obsession, I googled her, and I have to say that I adore this picture.

summer anecdote #4

Dahlya, Friends, Night at the Museum 2, As You Wish

Laundry, Gilmore Girls (why did I ever stop watching it?), pineapple sorbet

Translation: A nice summer day. :)

summer anecdote #3

Taco salad and strawberry lemonade crafternoon with Kate.

She worked on an embroidery project, while I whipped out three headbands. I feel acomplished.

One thing I'm not too proud of? NOT SEEING THE KILLERS THIS SEPTEMBER! Failure of my life. You better believe I'll be the first to buy tickets next time they come. YOU BETTER BELIEVE.

Anyway, I'm off to Dahlya's soon, so I think I will try to start renovating my room, because that seems necessary for some reason.

the webpage that never ends

Lookbook is way too much fun. Kind of makes me want to blog my own outfits. Uh oh.

summer anecdote #2

Today my mom, sister, and I met up with Marcia and her girls. We went to "Mexican McDonald's", as we fondly still call SomeBurro's (a clever ruse to pacify Kendal as a toddler), for lunch. I adore their veggie burros, especially while reading Augusten Burroughs. Yeah yeah, I am a chronic resturaunt-reader. Admittedly, I am basically just a chronic anywhere-reader. So what if old guys laugh at me in line while waiting in line at a concert? Not that this has happened or anything...

We then roamed San Tan for hours. Or rather, I roamed. I didn't know what the others were doing half the time. Luckily, after failing at being a normal teenager and nabbing clothes at Forever 21, I found a blouse and skirt at Ann Taylor Loft for a total of $15. How old am I? Truthfully, this wasn't the first purchase I had made there. I am a preppy 30-year-old at heart, let's be honest here.

The outfit makes me feel like grilling salmon for my friends while drinking strawberry lemonade, Vampire Weekend playing in the background. Note to self: Make this happen!

summer anecdote #1

Wake up at 9:45. Think, it's only 9:45? Go back to sleep.

Wake up at 11:55. Think, it's not noon yet, my dignity is safe. Jump out of bed in a hurry and dress.

Eat leftovers cold for breakfast/lunch. The microwave continues to scare me.

Read an artical in National Geographic about the global food crisis. Am thankful I ate leftovers.


Go out to the pool in my swimsuit, but opt to just put my feet in and read Nylon and listen to Of Montreal on my iPod.

My night: last minute babysitting gig ensues.

Now: home again. I don't know what to do with myself. There are only so many buttons that I can replace in my wardrobe.


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look at this!

I envy this room. It is so laid-back, while still having fun with HOT PINK and LIGHT GREEN and BLUE, which are colors I definately find necessary to everyday life.

Will my "style" ever "grow up"? I use quotations because both terms are highly questionable.

Regardless, I admire this room. Actually, this whole flickr is inspiring.

IT'S SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the blogging begin...


No WIND, no COLD, just careless SPRINKLES and warm CLOUDS.
One of the many reasons why I adore the desert.
(Narrow Stairs goes well with this kind of weather.)

it was a lovely ceremony

The Gossip Girl season finale didn't break my heart! This is great news. SO GOOD. Season 3 definately holds promise. Wow.

my love for 20's style deepens...

With school coming to a close, reading The Great Gatsby is not a realistic (aka sane) option for our English class. Instead, we are getting our taste of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel via a 1974 film adaption! Not quite the same, but it works. I can always read it on my own time this SUMMER, which is ever so NEAR of which I will have HOURS at end to read.

This is an especially good accommodation, as I am in love with the 20's. (It's where I get the whole short hair/short bangs thing, btw Mom...) It's so glamorous and I love the fact that short hair and "rising hemlines" were so risque at the time.

The glamour... I need flapper-esque dresses and sequined headbands pronto. I have one hat that does the trick, and a black velvet vintage shrug, but I need MORE.

Summer=time=antiquing=more hats=more glamour=happy Kaylie

But first, school. Ugh.

some thoughts

I should be doing homework, but some thoughts flood my head instead. Like:

Why does this seem so appealing, when I can hardly stand the winters in ARIZONA and I deeply disapprove of FUR USE?

That is ICE. As in an ICE HOTEL. In SWEDEN. Why does this seem like a necessary place to visit? I saw a special on it about a year ago on the Discovery Channel and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. Several puns were involved. I remember one: "At this bar, you don't get ice in your drink, you get your drink in ice." The glasses were made of ice. Obviously.

I don't know, man. It kind of reminds me of a weird hippy cult meeting house.
Regardless, I have to go someday. They make a new one every year, if I remember correctly. Which makes a whole lot of sense, as it is, ya know, ICE. Also, each room is designed by a different artist, which all share a weird hippy cult aesthetic apparently. It works.


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Polyvore is like a playground; I can't help but let it distract me from reality.

This set I aptly dub "Erin" for it is modeled after one of best friends, Erin. Note the sea turtle ring and metallic sandals: 100% Erin. She knits, uses compact mirrors, and wears feather headbands like it was her idea all along. I love you and your unique style, Erin!


The season finale is called "Goodbye Gossip Girl."
I find this deeply distressing.
I don't want to say goodbye.
Polaroids and Gossip Girl. Two things I never ever want to become extinct. Sad, because both are threatening to break my heart.

paper heart

This looks nice. It opens August 14, 2009, which is the same day Taking Woodstock opens. Excitement!

living things

I was a bit hesitant when I read about Peter Bjorn and John's new album. It didn't seem to give off the same light, bouncy vibe that I had come to love them for--Yes, I'm one of those people who read album reviews. Yet ike with many things in life, I was wrong to hesitate. I love their new (yet very familiar) sound. They still make me want to dance.

my room is the happiest it has ever been

This is a corner of my room, viewed from my carpet.
As far as I can tell, it is the happiest it has ever been.
The balloons were taken from the yearbook signing party tonight (which was successful).
One of the balloons escaped as I was loading them into the back of my dad's truck.
I wonder what it's doing now. It was red.
I hope someone saw it, and it made them smile. I'll never know.
In the picture, there is a shadow beneath the rest of the balloons. See it? I will assume it is the red balloon's ghost.
You know what, I think I will devise permanent balloons (like pinata-style perhaps?) so my room can always be this happy.

whoa whoa whoa

Rylee mentioned this today in French, and my mind is practically exploding.

My love for Demetri Martin deepens...


Fast forward 15 years...and my kids will definately count felt sushi as one of their play-kitchen necessities.

i need some prescription cat eyes, for sure

Aren't these the cutest? I am officially on the lookout for vintage specs to replace my current glasses situation (boring rectangles).


I had such a lovely weekend!

Friday, I saw the finished yearbook and ate wonderful Mexican food.

Saturday, I helped out on a Habitat for Humanity project with my grandparents, napped, then took the lightrail to downtown Tempe and ate wonderful Greek food at the Greek Festival. Baklava, where have you been all my life?!

Sunday, I went to church with my other set of grandparents and ate wonderful Italian food at their house. Also, a few Huck Finn journal entries were completed and a lot more than a few magic cookie bars were consumed.

Basically, I ate ALL WEEKEND and did stuff good people do, like HfH projects, taking the lightrail, going to church, doing homework that is oh-so-avoidable, and uh...watching Gossip Girl? It feels GOOD. I wish every weekend could consist of such wonderful activities.

photo taken by Kate, edited by me (thank you forever for Photoshop, Kate!)