movie addiction is an understatement

So I've kind of been avoiding "movie reviews" on my blog for a while because of the sheer amount of movies I watch.  (And it's an obscene amount.  If I wasn't 100% I'm going to end up working in the entertainment business, I would be completely embarrassed to admit I've watched over 25 movies already this summer.  I really could start a movie blog, but then...that would take away from my movie-watching.)

However, I have to share with you two movies that I've seen this summer that I am absolutely in love with.

For starters, Midnight in Paris, which I refuse to say anything about, because it's the kind of movie you'd want to see for yourself.  And that I've done... Twice this summer.  Just as lovely both times around, I assure you.  If it's not a "Kaylie" movie, nothing is.

Also, I have just finished watching Pirate Radio for the first time.  I remember seeing the trailer for it in theaters and wanting to see it.  Well, I'm glad I've waited so long to get around to it, because thanks to my recent spike in interest in British television, I recognized more actors than I would have and it deepened my love for Chris O'Dowd (I daresay even Darren Criss is on the back burner now).  Also, I'm a big believer in things coming around when it's the right time, and this movie was the perfect summer night movie.  The cast was terrific, the music was killer, and the costumes/scenery made me incredibly happy in a way only a period movie set in the 60's could.

summer anecdote #3


Babysat some cool kiddos.  We listened to the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack on loop.  Let me tell you, I have been subjected to listen to several things on repeat in my many years of babysitting, but this was my favorite by far!  It went perfectly with the unusually cloudy weather.

Decided to go to the library for the second time in a day.  Why do I need to be reminded that such magic as a public library exists?  Oh well; this happens every summer.

Drove home with the Spring Awakening soundtrack blasting.  I felt so content!  Don't you love moments like that?

Got home.  Started reading A Streetcar Named Desire.  Closed my eyes to picture the scene.  Fell asleep for over an hour.  THAT'S HOW I ROLL.

Woke up, made a tomato, mozzarella, and basil panini.  I literally eat tomato, mozzarella, and basil in some form every day.  Mostly sandwich.  Sometimes pasta.  Just add some carbs and I'm the happiest camper you ever saw.  Don't worry about it...

Decided to make cupcakes while watching Coupling on Netflix Instant (think a British version of How I Met Your Mother minus the meeting your mother part and more inappropriate--It's pretty hilarious).  We didn't have any milk, so I had to use soy milk.  They turned out alright, so I'm thinking I should go all vegan next time?  Okay!

Watched Pretty Little Liars/blogged with Melanie.  I couldn't stop laughing hysterically during this part where the "yearbook staff" was working on the "yearbook" with REAL PHOTOGRAPHS.  They were literally sorting through them saying things like, "Put that one over there with the other Drama Club pictures."  What?  Computers...exist.  I lost it.  And fell over.

Laughed just as much the second time I watched it later at Dahlya's with Erin, Melanie (again. We're cool), and the gang.  To add to my binge of cupcake frosting and cupcakes, I ate two cake pops.  I was so hyper...  Whoops.

summer anecdote #2


Woke up at SIX O'CLOCK AM!  What's up with that?

Made myself a mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwich for breakfast.  I think I have a problem, you guys.  I'm addicted.

Garage-saled with Dahlya until 10:30.  IT GOT SO HOT SITTING OUT THERE!

Afterward, I drank 3094039 glasses of cold water, ate a popsicle, and watched so much British television on Netflix Instant that I started to think in a British accent.

Attempted to narrow down what exactly I plan on bringing this fall.  From what I read, whatever I end up bringing will be too much.  Fun stuff!

Later, I'm seeing a movie, which will be my millionth movie of the summer!  Hooray!

in celebration of this momentous day for human rights




To celebrate, I am reblogging colorful things such as above on Tumblr and watching the gayest thing I can think of: Glee.  Hooray for love!  And hooray for Glee marathons!

thursday thrills


Confetti martinis?  I'm in.


Take some time to realize things.

A new fashion blog to lust over.  She even looks like Zooey Deschanel!

Between swimming every other day while nannying, watching too many late night episodes of The IT Crowd, and waking up at 3:57 AM this morning (thanks to my phone's alarm set as "Hedwig's Theme") to find out what Pottermore is, I am exhausted!  If only my internal clock was practical and the weather wasn't consistently well over 100 degrees...  Oh well!  Life is good.  xoxo

i love you, man - second edition

In addition to my already lengthy list of hunks I adore, I have a few more worthy men to acknowledge.

Darren Criss... Shocker, right?
I have a whole post dedicated to this one.  And another.

Chris O'Dowd, you are my dream man.
Okay, so this one is a recent one.  As in a week ago.  Last Sunday night my mom and I finally saw Bridesmaids and I immediately fell in love with this man.  Now I can't get enough of him on The IT Crowd.  Not only is he adorable and charming, but HE IS IRISH.  I can not stress it enough--Irish men are my Kryptonite.  (Just an FYI, Darren Criss is half Irish, half Filipino.)  Their sense of humor, their facial hair, their accent.  When I visited Ireland a couple of summers ago, I fell in love with the lush green and friendly people... and bearded men.  Yes please!

James McAvoy, you can read my mind anytime.
I've seen him in a couple of movies before, but it didn't hit me how freaking attractive this man was until I saw X-Men: First Class.  Just...look at him.  Again, the accent!  He is Scottish.  GAH. I need to go to the UK to find myself a man... Seriously.

Chord Overstreet, you are the only exception.
This isn't one I usually think of until I see him on a repeat of Ellen and he's talking about his siblings named Nash, Summer, Skye, and Charity and how this one time he delivered baby goats on their farm in Tennessee all by himself when he was fourteen...  Then I think of how incredibly charming he is.  I'm not one for blonde guys, but he is an exception.  A really, really, hot exception.

The list goes on...
Colin Firth
Chris Colfer (it's kind of comforting knowing no girl will EVER be good enough for him)
Neil Patrick Harris (See above)

What about you guys?

i know this is my 2309413049th post in the last 24 hours, but...

Can I just tell you how emotional I am getting about this Harry Potter business?  I teared up the moment I started watching this.  By the end I was in tears, trying not to lose it.  A few minutes later when I realized it was THE LAST HARRY POTTER TRAILER EVER (thanks a lot, tumblr), I lost it.  I literally curled up into a ball on my bed and started shaking with tears.  It's really ending.  Not only that, but so much change is about to happen in my life.  I'm moving. I'm going to college. Akasjkasjfkasfl;kasfask.  All of this built-up emotion is being channeled into this epic ending and I am having a not-even-quarter life crisis.  WAAAAHHHHH.  BUT IT IS SO EXCITING.

Also, I made this while at my friend's house tonight to cope:

We also played Harry Potter trivia.  Now it is forever ingrained in my mind that Quarrel meets a zombie in Africa during his travels.  Now why on Earth didn't I remember that?

Hi, I'm Kaylie. I'm not a Mormon.

*Disclaimer:  I have many Mormon friends and I love them dearly.  I am not posting this to be offensive!  I would be lying if Mormonism wasn't a huge factor in growing up where I live.  Dahlya posted the other day about how Mormonism is currently in the spotlight due to the musical Book of Mormon, so I thought I'd share my experience with the religion.

"Are you Mormon?"

I remember the first time I was asked this.  I was in daycare.  We were about to watch a movie.  I think it was one of the Home Alones.  I had never heard the word before in my life.

"I don't know.  I don't think so.  I will ask my mom," I replied.

A few months, or perhaps a year later, one of the daycare ladies (who was very good at French braiding my hair and therefore whom I liked) gave me a ring.  It was small, silver, and had a green shield pendant with CTR inscribed on it.  It was a ring, so I wore it.  I was probably six.

When my mom noticed me wearing it, I don't think she was angry, but I remember feeling embarrassed that I had no idea what it meant further than "Choose the right".  So it had begun.

This was not the last time I was asked if I was Mormon.  When I started second grade at my new elementary school, the first thing other students would ask me was "Are you Mormon?"  By this time I knew what it meant, but it wasn't until recently that I've understood the religion in more depth (and I know for a fact I will never truly understand every aspect).  At the time, Mormonism to me was, Something everyone else was; something I was not.

Growing up in a Mormon community had its definite perks.  Most Mormon kids were "good kids" and their moms always brought in awesome homemade treats.  I remember one mom even made individual cakes for my mom's Valentine's Day party for her class.  No complaints there.

Yet, behind all the tasty perks, there was a definite feeling of being an outsider.  I am completely comfortable in my own beliefs now, but growing up it was slightly intimidating being surrounded by so many people who were so confident in their beliefs (which I would say is one of Mormons' most admirable traits).  It is in the human condition to want to belong, and I didn't.  Yes, I know I wasn't the only one, but sometimes it could feel that way.  Until late elementary school, I spent most of my time trying to fit in with my Mormon friends.  I would accept their invites to their Ward for craft sessions (I remember telling my mom, "So THIS is how they are so crafty!  They learn it at church!") and when I realized how many rules they had, I began to feel like I didn't have enough (which I eventually realized was ridiculous of me to think).

By the time elementary school ended, I had settled into a non-Mormon group of friends in time for the already awkward experience of middle school.  At least I wasn't alone anymore.  Did I mention that the elementary school and junior high school I went to is separated by only a Mormon church?  Yep, you better believe it.

Well, junior high is awkward.  End of that story.  On to high school!

High school in my hometown is not the typical high school experience, especially dating-wise.  Mormons aren't allowed to date until they are sixteen, so when they do, they go ALL OUT.  I was never fortunate to be invited on an epic Mormon date, but I have heard stories from my friends... And they certainly do go all out.  Cue the "feeling left out" and "everyone is taken or Mormon"!  (Don't worry, I got over it... Eventually.)  Once they are allowed to date, most Mormons (at least, this is what I observed in many of my peers) go on dating sprees.  Like, really cool, creative group dating sprees.

The thing that always confused me is that this is greatly encouraged.  Mormon teenagers are advised to date around and not get very serious until they are ready to get married (which is often at a relatively young age).  The hardest part is when you're a non-Mormon and 75% of the boys you fall for are 100% Mormon.  Because yes, they are nice guys.  But the thing about Mormon boys is that even Mormon girls know (probably much better, because they were brought up with this mindset) not to get too attached because boys leave for their two-year missions three years after they are finally allowed to date.  I wish someone had explained this all to me before I started liking boys.  Oh well.

Mormon girls dress modestly (and really well, I might add), which is something I don't think twice about here, but in other parts of the country this would be unusual, especially in a place as hot as Arizona.  Being crafty and modest myself, I have often been an "assumed Mormon."  Sure, I wear modest clothes (that I sometimes sew myself), bake homemade treats, and am usually in good spirits.  In that aspect, people think I could pass for a Mormon (which I find flattering, I must say, because Mormons are so hip).  However, when they are in AP Government with me and realize how un-Mormon my viewpoints are... Then they start to understand that I am far from it.

I have nothing against Mormonism or the people who practice it.  If I did, I probably wouldn't have spent the time and energy to write this blogpost and I probably wouldn't have as many good friends that are Mormon.  Although I know it's not the religion for me, I will go as far to say that it has impacted my life, not only by being handed a CTR ring or Book of Mormon (because that's happened as well).  Through my experiences growing up, I have had the opportunity to not only deepen my understanding of a religion that is misunderstood by much of the rest of the world, but to strengthen and question my own belief system.  For that, I am eternally grateful for the Mormons in my life.

summer television

Summer television gets pretty cheesy.  I will admit it; I watch The Bachelorette and Pretty Little Liars.  And yes, I get a laugh out of the occasional Secret Life of the American Teenager (such realism!), but when I really want to laugh, I usually turn to Netflix or the Internet.  Here are my picks:

How I Met Your Mother
HIMYM is always a good idea.  End of story.

I love this show.  Each episode is a combination of bits about Portland and the characters that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein create are hilarious and everything IS SO TRUE IT HURTS.  I need to rewatch these, like, now.

Arrested Development  (Watch on Hulu or Netflix Instant)
This show is genius.  If you haven't seen it, you are seriously lacking.

Kate told me about this short-lived show.  It. is. so. ridiculous.  It takes a couple of episodes to get used to the humor, but once it hits you how brilliantly stupid the jokes are, you will never look back.

Ctrl   (Watch online at NBC)
My friend Domenico told me and Erin about this web series last summer and we died laughing while watching all the episodes in one sitting.  Very clever!

Clark & Michael (Watch on YouTube)
I watched this web series a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  Micheal Cera humor is always a nice Summer thing.  True fact.

The IT Crowd  (Watch online at Channel 4 or Netflix Instant)
When I saw Bridesmaids, I fell in love with Chris O'Dowd and subsequently stalked him on IMDB.  Last night I searched "The IT Crowd" on Netflix and proceeded to watch two episodes.  It's British and a little off-beat, but I'll be watching the rest of the episodes over the next few months.  Chris O'Dowd is adorkable.

What are your favorite funny shows for lazy summer afternoons?

thursday thrills


I am kind of in love with this music video.  It kills me!  Plus, the love of my life is in it.


You can never have enough pink or polka dots in my opinion.

When can I move in?

A love letter to the Interwebs.

Happy Summer!  xoxo


I'm freaking out over here about POTTERMORE.  What does this mean?  A Harry Potter MMORPG?  A one-stop epic Harry Potter fansite?  A Harry Potter social networking site?  Or my guess... A social dating network to find my Harry Potter soulmate?  All we know is that it isn't a book.  Obviously, because now we know it's a website.  And obviously, now we all know I'm as loony as Luna when it comes to all things Potter.


for your information

Two of my loveliest friends have recently started lovely blogs (or actually started posting, in Erin's case).  They are definitely worth a visit!

Happy days! xoxo


You know that awkward moment when someone younger than you is cooler than you will ever be?  Let me introduce you to Elle Fanning, age 13 and Chloe Moretz, age 14.

Elle Fanning has been in numerous movies and was completely charming in Sofia Coppola's "Somewhere," which is when I decided she was the coolest preteen ever.  I definitely see a fashion icon in the making.  Here are photos from her Marie Claire spread.

lyke srly stopitnow

And then there's Chloe Moretz, who has also been in numerous movies, like (500) Days of Summer, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Kick-Ass (which she was awesome in and made me feel proud to look like a 12 year old). She just seems so cool and mature for her age.  Here are photos from her Nylon spread.  

I want to be you.

ride the lightning

My lovely friends Dahlya, Emily, Spencer, Rachel, and Rachel's sisters were happy to come along when I said Harry and the Potters were performing at the Phoenix Library this Friday.  Hooray for friends who are Harry Potter enthusiasts!  Well... Let's just say they probably wouldn't be my friends if they weren't.

As if seeing Harry and the Potters jam out to "Phoenix Tears" and "The Economics of the Wizarding World Don't Make Sense" wasn't awesome enough, I got to meet Amy from Amour et Chocolat!  We've read each other's blogs for probably the past two years, and surprisingly had never crossed paths (although we had a secret code Harry Potter quote just in case we thought we saw each other).  Although, meeting up at a Harry and the Potters concert is probably the coolest way to meet someone for the first time anyway.  Hooray for blog friends turned real life friends!

The concert was one of the most fun I've ever been to!  When you arrived, you got "sorted" by taking a pin out of a wizard hat.  I got Hufflepuff.  They also had a "Potion Bar" that they gave out beverages in different colors, but I never went over to grab one.  The Harrys (yes, they both call themselves Harry and during the concert talk as if they are Harry) were the best part.  They are so enthusiastic and you can tell how much fun they have playing these shows.  They threw confetti into the audience, taught us motions to go with the songs, screamed, yelled, and made continuous Harry Potter references that were so hilarious and fun.  The fact that this all went down in a library just makes it the best thing ever.

Of course I had to buy a t-shirt that has Hagrid on it with a shirt on that says "I <3 Hugs"... I am kind of in love with it.  The best part is that the Harrys signed it!  Joe wrote, "Believe in the power of LOVE (and magical babies)" and Paul wrote "Read with the volume on TEN!" How cool can you get?  Not much cooler in my opinion. 

What a magical event!  VOLDEMORT CAN'T STOP THE ROCK!

thursday thrills


Okay, I officially have a thing for superhero-themed weddings.

I don't care what they say. Florals never get old for Spring.

Favorite blogger as of 45 minutes ago:  A Beautiful Mess. (I totally remember seeing her engagement pictures forever ago on another blog!  The blogosphere is wonderful.)

Retro dresses FTW.  Always.  (Thanks Tabitha.)

I am in love with Midnight in Paris.  Definitely one of my favorite Woody Allen films right up there with Annie Hall.

So I'm thinking for my next video blog I will answer some questions... that is, if anyone has any!  Leave one in a comment and I will see what I can do with it.  xoxo

"i feel old, but not very wise"

(from An Education)
Little kids deserve more credit.  They are imaginative, creative, and believe the impossible is completely 100% possible.  Nothing can get in the way of them until... They are forced to "grow up".

When I was a wee one, I wanted to be an artist, a fashion designer, and finally an author.  As I grew older and "wiser", reality took ahold of me and shook me until these dreams fell out one by one to be filled with new, practical ones. Wisdom.  What is that, anyway?  This so-called wisdom told me to abandon my fantastical dreams.  I don't like the idea of wisdom being a cruel thing, so I say, wisdom isn't like that at all.

Maybe it's the hot summer sun draining my energy and common sense that's leaving me in such a daydream-like state or perhaps it's the aftermath of finally becoming a high school graduate, but I have finally unattached myself from reality's inhibiting, forceful grasp and let myself be filled with great, magnificent dreams once more.

I tried for so long to become a practical human being (no small feat, I assure you), and once I succeeded to an extent, I found that my inescapable dreaming was snuffed out by discouraging thoughts.  Practical thoughts.  I felt guilty for dreaming.  No one should ever, ever be guilty for having a dream, however impractical it may be.

Wisdom, I think, lies in the little kids.  As we grow older, we must remember to not lose sight of our true desires.  Because the thing about desires, is that however much you try to hide from them or replace them with more sensible ones, they never truly go away.  One day you might wake up and say, "I really wish I would've..."  I'm not going to let that happen to me.

Remember:  "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible.'" -Audrey Hepburn

movies to see asap

I just got home from seeing X-Men First Class and absolutely loved it!  I have been watching a lot of movies these past few days (I watched five movies in less than a 24 hour time frame the other day with Dahlya), but instead of getting worn out or tired of movies... I saw two more today.  In theatres, at that.  One was with my dad and little sister (Ramona & Beezus--which gets me everytime, darn it!) and the other was X-Men First Class with my dad (we ditched Kendal, or rather she ditched us).  Even after THIS, I still am in the movie-going spirit.  Here are some movies I am looking forward to seeing.


how to (try to) be classy

So I made another one?!  I can't believe it either.  Apparently I have to be in a "wing it" sort of mood to do one of these things, so forgive the choppiness and whatever else I screwed up.  (However I did make a point of cutting out extraneous laughter...It probably would have been twice as long with it.)

Inspired by the classiest lady that ever lived, Audrey Hepburn, I attempt to unravel what it really means to be classy. (I should really start scripting these things...) 

favorite tv costume design

Glee - Lou Eyrich (2010 Emmy nominee)

Boardwalk Empire - John Dunn

Gossip Girl - Eric Daman

Sex & the City - Patricia Field (2000-2004 Emmy nominee, 2002 Emmy winner)

The wonderful thing about television costume design is that it follows the transformation of the characters in a way that is more in-depth and gradual.  In movies, a character's style usually remains stagnant or is sped up to signify a passage of time, but in television each season gradually brings something new to a character depending on the character's progression.  Someone like Carrie Bradshaw, for instance, is known for her madcap style.  However, her unique brand of fashion certainly evolved and matured over six seasons of Sex & the City as she evolved and matured.  The cool thing is that throughout this change, the essence of Carrie is always evident.  Much like a cartoon character wears the same thing every single day, a TV character develops an everyday style that is unique to them.  My favorite thing in the world is to be out shopping and pick up a piece of clothing and say with confidence, "This is so Blair!" or "I could totally see Santana wearing this."  Even if the item is something I wouldn't dream of wearing myself, it awes me to think how much thought is put into these characters' wardrobe to express their personalities week after week.  How magical is that?  Not to mention that shows like Sex & the City, Gossip Girl, and Mad Men inspire new trends in fashion.  (Disclaimer:  Mad Men would certainly be on this list if I watched it.  I need to start season one ASAP.)  Don't even get me started on period dramas!  HBO gives me such heartache with its epic TV shows and miniseries.  I love Boardwalk Empire, but it leaves a hole in my heart that only the twenties sending me its wardrobe can fill...

Forever in lust, 

i just did something a little crazy, you guys

I made a video blog!  Now, I have watched vlogs for quite some time (my favorite is Girls With Glasses), but I never really considered making my own.  So when I read Katie's comment "low quality photobook vlog? even cooler!" on my recent post about my new laptop, I realized that hey, I could make one... Maybe.  Then tonight I spontaneously decided to make one just to give it ago.  It was fun!  And now I believe it when people say I laugh after everything I say...  I apologize in advance.

thursday thrills


Giggle at Zooey Deschanel's new project Hello Giggles.  

This is so true!

Be inspired to dress in monochrome.

Engagement pictures at their cutest.

The perfect summer cupcake.

Happy summer, my friends!  Hope yours is going smashingly.  xoxo

i got a macbook pro for graduation



summer ancedote #1


Wake up at 10:30 am.  Had to recharge after epic Gossip Girl marathon with Erin.

Make a pact to eat healthy all day.  (Grad parties really got the best of me.)  Eat fruit for breakfast.

Download A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequal soundtracks off Bandcamp.  Feel totally awesome.

Transfer my iTunes purchases to my new laptop.  Realize how much money I have spent on music alone.  Want to find a time machine.  SRSLY OMG WHY

Get a phone call from Melanie.  Anthro is hiring?!  Change from PJs to dress and hat in .75 minutes flat.

Eat stir fry and noodles.  OUT THE DOOR.  APPLICATION.  BAM.

Stay home to watch sister for the night.  Back to PJs.  Read Harry Potter for two and a half hours.

Make dinner for my sister and her friend.  Make pasta for myself (asparagus ravioli with the works).