i love you, man - second edition

In addition to my already lengthy list of hunks I adore, I have a few more worthy men to acknowledge.

Darren Criss... Shocker, right?
I have a whole post dedicated to this one.  And another.

Chris O'Dowd, you are my dream man.
Okay, so this one is a recent one.  As in a week ago.  Last Sunday night my mom and I finally saw Bridesmaids and I immediately fell in love with this man.  Now I can't get enough of him on The IT Crowd.  Not only is he adorable and charming, but HE IS IRISH.  I can not stress it enough--Irish men are my Kryptonite.  (Just an FYI, Darren Criss is half Irish, half Filipino.)  Their sense of humor, their facial hair, their accent.  When I visited Ireland a couple of summers ago, I fell in love with the lush green and friendly people... and bearded men.  Yes please!

James McAvoy, you can read my mind anytime.
I've seen him in a couple of movies before, but it didn't hit me how freaking attractive this man was until I saw X-Men: First Class.  Just...look at him.  Again, the accent!  He is Scottish.  GAH. I need to go to the UK to find myself a man... Seriously.

Chord Overstreet, you are the only exception.
This isn't one I usually think of until I see him on a repeat of Ellen and he's talking about his siblings named Nash, Summer, Skye, and Charity and how this one time he delivered baby goats on their farm in Tennessee all by himself when he was fourteen...  Then I think of how incredibly charming he is.  I'm not one for blonde guys, but he is an exception.  A really, really, hot exception.

The list goes on...
Colin Firth
Chris Colfer (it's kind of comforting knowing no girl will EVER be good enough for him)
Neil Patrick Harris (See above)

What about you guys?


Anonymous said...

AH! YOU'RE KILLING ME! To much attractiveness in one post!!!!!! Especially blondy. I think AZ just got 145 degrees hotter because of this. I'm dead now. Goodbye.

▲my• said...

So many beautiful men...

I'm the way you are about Irish men, but with Scottish men. Kryptonite. Most definitely.

James McAvoy... Ahhhh....

Okay, that's enough flailing...