movies to see asap

I just got home from seeing X-Men First Class and absolutely loved it!  I have been watching a lot of movies these past few days (I watched five movies in less than a 24 hour time frame the other day with Dahlya), but instead of getting worn out or tired of movies... I saw two more today.  In theatres, at that.  One was with my dad and little sister (Ramona & Beezus--which gets me everytime, darn it!) and the other was X-Men First Class with my dad (we ditched Kendal, or rather she ditched us).  Even after THIS, I still am in the movie-going spirit.  Here are some movies I am looking forward to seeing.



Maggie Shirley said...

I want to see X-Men First Class SO FREAKING BAD. I am a sucker for superhero movies of all kinds, but X-Men and Batman hold a special place in my heart.

Bridesmaids was hilarious! I loved it, and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of those movies as well! Especially Harry Potter, of course, and the Muppets movie. The love I have for Jason Segel, I cannot describe to you.

Side note: I just noticed I'm linked on your little side thingy and I just feel way super special. :) YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

▲my• said...

I can't wait to see X-Men. I am a huge X-Men nerd. LOVE THEM.


Kendall said...

HARRY POTTER. <3 37 more days!

Zoë B. said...

I wasn't going to watch the HP trailer because I'm reading the books and I don't like picturing the movie characters when I read, but I couldn't resist. Even the trailer gave me chills! SO EXCITED!