movie addiction is an understatement

So I've kind of been avoiding "movie reviews" on my blog for a while because of the sheer amount of movies I watch.  (And it's an obscene amount.  If I wasn't 100% I'm going to end up working in the entertainment business, I would be completely embarrassed to admit I've watched over 25 movies already this summer.  I really could start a movie blog, but then...that would take away from my movie-watching.)

However, I have to share with you two movies that I've seen this summer that I am absolutely in love with.

For starters, Midnight in Paris, which I refuse to say anything about, because it's the kind of movie you'd want to see for yourself.  And that I've done... Twice this summer.  Just as lovely both times around, I assure you.  If it's not a "Kaylie" movie, nothing is.

Also, I have just finished watching Pirate Radio for the first time.  I remember seeing the trailer for it in theaters and wanting to see it.  Well, I'm glad I've waited so long to get around to it, because thanks to my recent spike in interest in British television, I recognized more actors than I would have and it deepened my love for Chris O'Dowd (I daresay even Darren Criss is on the back burner now).  Also, I'm a big believer in things coming around when it's the right time, and this movie was the perfect summer night movie.  The cast was terrific, the music was killer, and the costumes/scenery made me incredibly happy in a way only a period movie set in the 60's could.

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