summer anecdote #3


Babysat some cool kiddos.  We listened to the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack on loop.  Let me tell you, I have been subjected to listen to several things on repeat in my many years of babysitting, but this was my favorite by far!  It went perfectly with the unusually cloudy weather.

Decided to go to the library for the second time in a day.  Why do I need to be reminded that such magic as a public library exists?  Oh well; this happens every summer.

Drove home with the Spring Awakening soundtrack blasting.  I felt so content!  Don't you love moments like that?

Got home.  Started reading A Streetcar Named Desire.  Closed my eyes to picture the scene.  Fell asleep for over an hour.  THAT'S HOW I ROLL.

Woke up, made a tomato, mozzarella, and basil panini.  I literally eat tomato, mozzarella, and basil in some form every day.  Mostly sandwich.  Sometimes pasta.  Just add some carbs and I'm the happiest camper you ever saw.  Don't worry about it...

Decided to make cupcakes while watching Coupling on Netflix Instant (think a British version of How I Met Your Mother minus the meeting your mother part and more inappropriate--It's pretty hilarious).  We didn't have any milk, so I had to use soy milk.  They turned out alright, so I'm thinking I should go all vegan next time?  Okay!

Watched Pretty Little Liars/blogged with Melanie.  I couldn't stop laughing hysterically during this part where the "yearbook staff" was working on the "yearbook" with REAL PHOTOGRAPHS.  They were literally sorting through them saying things like, "Put that one over there with the other Drama Club pictures."  What?  Computers...exist.  I lost it.  And fell over.

Laughed just as much the second time I watched it later at Dahlya's with Erin, Melanie (again. We're cool), and the gang.  To add to my binge of cupcake frosting and cupcakes, I ate two cake pops.  I was so hyper...  Whoops.

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Melanie said...

oh my goodness that was the most hyper I've ever seen you! I liked it:)