summer anecdote #2


Woke up at SIX O'CLOCK AM!  What's up with that?

Made myself a mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwich for breakfast.  I think I have a problem, you guys.  I'm addicted.

Garage-saled with Dahlya until 10:30.  IT GOT SO HOT SITTING OUT THERE!

Afterward, I drank 3094039 glasses of cold water, ate a popsicle, and watched so much British television on Netflix Instant that I started to think in a British accent.

Attempted to narrow down what exactly I plan on bringing this fall.  From what I read, whatever I end up bringing will be too much.  Fun stuff!

Later, I'm seeing a movie, which will be my millionth movie of the summer!  Hooray!

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▲my• said...

That's my favorite kind of sandwich, which reminds me of that cafe I mentioned awhile ago where you order based on your zodiac sign. Well, that was the Virgo (my sign) and it was delicious!

If we end up having lunch again we should stop by that cafe.

I love British television. I probably watch more of it than American television.