look what i found!

I just about died when I found this booth at one of my favorite antique stores.  Remind you of anything?  I even matched!

i love you, man

Confession:  I have watched one too many chick flicks this winter break, as a side effect of being sick.  Now I am going a little more boy crazy than usual.  Here are a few current loves of mine:

Jude Law in The Holiday- yes please.
Oh. My. Gracious.  I fall in love with him so much in this movie.  Everything about him is so great- He even occasionally wears glasses (a major plus) and is super cute with his two little girls.  I WANT BRITISH CHILDREN.  I am reconsidering my dream of studying abroad in France... Perhaps I should go for England instead?

Jason Schwartzman.  Anytime.  Anywhere.
I love his sweetness and boyish charm.  Bonus:  He's a shortie, like me!

Daniel Radcliffe is magical.  And a hottie.  What's not to love?
He's smart and witty, and freaking Harry Potter, for goodness sake.  I've loved him since the third grade! He is also pretty short. Heh.

Ryan Reynolds...of course.
No, not even I can resist the "Sexiest Man Alive." This man is so attractive, it shouldn't be allowed.  Now I want to watch Definitely Maybe...  Oh brother.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, especially as Tom in 500 Days of Summer.
Forget Summer- I'd listen to The Smiths with you anytime AND let you call me your girlfriend!

Jason Segel...more and more each day.
He is just too cute and funny.  Can I just hug him and never let go?

I wish Matthew Morrison were my Spanish teacher...and I don't even take Spanish- I take French.  Only for you, Mr. Shue.  We can take road trips and listen to all the Journey you want.  I don't mind.

The list goes on... 
Paul Rudd
Zach Galifinakis
Robert Downey Jr.
Rupert Grint
Jermain Clement

I love you.

the "i'm not sick anymore" post

After a week of literally taking five hour naps and watching way too many chick flicks, now I can finally do important things, like buying a black sequin pencil skirt for five dollars (five dollars!!!), seeing Harry Potter for the third time in theatres, taking a spontaneous bike ride with my bestie...and having a Freaks & Geeks marathon and blogging, like I am doing now (and let me tell me, this is very important).  Life is wonderful!  

P.S. I'd take Jason Segel over James Franco any day.

things to bake this winter break

1. Festive macarons
photo via tumblr

2. Peppermint and/or chocolate-dipped marshmallows 
found via tumblr

3. Some kind of soufflé
found via tumblr

Ugh, why is it that most of the baking recipes I lust over and want to dominate are French and tres difficil?  I am still waiting for the day my macarons put up no fight and say, "Touch√©, Kaylie.  You win. We are very beautiful and also quite delicious.  Enjoy our perfect pieds (feet)!  Congrats on your hard work and diligence." Well, until then...

Happy Holidays

hamlet throwdown

Today in English we had a "Hamlet Throwdown" in which we fought to the death...with our "To be, or not to be" parodies.  In spite of the fact I started mine at eleven o'clock last night, I got second place!  Considering I almost forgot to do it, until I saw someone post something on Facebook about it, it was a lovely surprise.  Here it is (based on a true story/my life/right now):

To blog, or not to blog: That is the question
Whether it’s nobler in the mind to suffer
The focus and boredom of uninterrupted homework
Or to ignore a sea of Followers
And by neglecting lose them? To reblog: to post;
No more; and by a post to say we end
The overload of the thousand pictures
That Tumblr is heir to, 'tis a dream
Devoutly to be wish'd. To reblog, to post;
To post: perchance to inspire: ay, there's the rub;
For in that post what comments may come
When we have published this edited draft,
Must give us pause: there's the respect
That gives tolerance to so long a homework assignment;
For who would bear the cofactors and determinants of Trigonometry,
The pain of French conjugations
The task of memorizing court cases and their decisions
When he himself might log into Blogger or Tumblr
To share his thoughts? who would want,
To grunt and sweat under a blogless life,
But that the dread of procrastination,
The undiscover'd blogs from which
No reader returns, weakens the will to stop
And makes us rather blog and blog and blog
Than actually accomplish something productive?
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of creativity
Is overcome with the pale cast of responsibility
And enterprises of imagination and wily
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.—Log in now!
My fair blog! Procastination, in thy actions
Be all my posts remember'd.

my favorite christmas songs

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Such a sweet song. This version is covered by She & Him.  Side note: As if my love for Zooey wasn't embarressingly huge already, watch this (boy, can she really sing!) and read this (score-she really is as cool as I think she is!).  Love her!

Baby, It's Cold Outside
Your quintessential fun, romantic Christmas song. I loved seeing Blaine and Kurt sing it together--too precious!

Last Christmas
What can get better than 80’s music and Christmastime? Not much, that’s what. Rachel and Finn’s version was so fun! (Uh oh, my Gleek is showing.)

Sister Winter
This is actually an original song by Sufjan Stevens--beautiful.  Definitely worth a listen.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Because when it is, I am so thrilled to sing along.

winter formal

Kavita, me, Erin, Tori
Tori, Kavita, me, Erin, Britanee, Rachel
Erin, Domenico, me, Dylan, Tori, Connor

Winter Formal turned out swell! I put in more dancing than the past dances I've attended all put together, probably because thanks to Melanie, I actually knew a considerable amount of the songs they played! So hooray for not being a complete failure at being a teenager.

Now, homework...Yuck.