low maintenance glamour

Ted, being the sweetheart he is, sent me a box of Ladurée macarons from Paris the other day.  When I opened that package and realized what it was, I felt incredibly glamourous.  Since this summer has been mostly about being as thrifty as possible, this luxury reminded me of the ways that I try to embrace glamour in my everyday life.  

Yesterday I wore my macaron romper with a rosy skirt, plenty of pearls, the Ladurée ribbon in my hair, and put on some lip color and eye make-up (and a tiny flower sticker because I'm silly like that).  For someone who usually gets ready in less than five minutes, this was more effort than I'm typically used to.  See, although I do own some makeup, I very, very  rarely use it.  It wasn't until a year or two ago that I started wearing foundation.  Other than that, it's usually chapstick and a smile.  My main reason for this is that I get ready in five minutes in the morning.  I'd much rather sleep in than get up early to put make up on or do anything with my hair.  It's just never been a priority of mine--I'd much rather spend time putting together an outfit.  I'd love to say that it was for strictly feminist reasons that I don't put effort into what I look like, but this is only part of it--mostly I am just too lazy and feel comfortable enough in the bare minimum.  The most glamourous part of my daily routine is putting on my Chanel or Macaron perfume.  

Besides, in my opinion, it's the wardrobe that makes the woman--not the makeup.

Even though I'm low maintenance in my physical appearance, I LOVE surrounding myself with old-fashioned glamour.  I have vintage tea cups scattered around my room, gilded frames (see above), and a record player.  I own over 40 dresses, a dozen hats, and probably more brooches than your grandma.  

Here is a short list of more things I find glamourous:  pastries, hosting parties, writing letters, foamy coffee, new fabric, French silk ribbon, reading outside, watching foreign films on Netflix, listening to records when it's raining, socks, bows, pretty packaging, naps for no reason, reading a magazine cover to cover.  The list goes on.

So thank you, Ted for making me feel glamourous this week.  Although, you tend to make me feel just as glamourous whatever you do for me--even if this entails a late night run to Little Big Burger after a disagreement.  (Yes, you heard it here first--I forgive very easily if tiny burgers with goat cheese are involved.)

What makes you feel glamourous?


Natalie said...

That is so adorable of Ted. I have no idea what macarons even taste like, but I imagine they have the flavor of cuteness. I'm the same way--I'd rather put effort into my clothing than my make up. Sometimes I'll put on mascara or eyeliner and very rarely lipstick, but most of the time it's chapstick and my hair in a braid, haha. You look quite glamorous though. :)

jan-ee said...

you look way glamourous!!

Bookish.Spazz said...

I understand about the extra sleep thing! My sister spends two hours getting ready for school/visiting people and I'm just like, nope. Mascara, maybe eyeliner IF and that's a big IF I'm going somewhere special. I never really do things that make me feel glamorous...


Anastasia said...

This is beautiful and glamourous and elegant and you inspire me!

Kendall said...

I had a macaron for the first time this summer in Spain and I must say I did feel rather glamorous! Listening to classical music and wearing anything other than my usual shorts and a t-shirt also evokes that feeling, hah.

Lizzie said...

I'm about to add eating a macarons to my Bucket List of sorts. They look so good! I've had whoopie pies but they're not the same!

Ted sounds so nice. And thoughtful. And gush-worthy so it's alright if it comes out from time to time, haha

You know, I was going to write about putting time into appearances for a BEDA post and I think I will soon. I, too, would rather fuss over what I'm wearing on my body than on my face.

Take care! :)

Kenzie said...

I find it adorably contradictory that one of the recommended posts at the bottom of this is the "this is why I'm single" look. your boyfriend must be a pretty rad guy ;)

you're adorable. I totally agree with you on the makeup thing. I've been using the same eyeshadow (like literally the same container) since middle school but like you I probably have like 40 dresses. let's have glamourous girl time when school starts again.