back to school bucket list

It's almost time to go back to Portland!  Here are a few things I want to do this year...

  • Make more friends.
  • Bake more treats (this will probably help with the friend-making).
  • Force my friends to have holiday parties with me (even if it's just me feeding them baked treats in my decorated room).
  • Save money & budget.
  • Go on fun & cheap dates with Ted.
  • Have more girls nights.
  • Write for the school newspaper.
  • Get more involved.
  • Speak up more in classes.
  • Eat healthier so I have more energy.
  • Go hiking and enjoy the beautiful nature around me.
  • Go on an outdoors trip.
  • Exercise. (You guys, I have never set foot into a gym... Embarrassing.)
  • Write more.
  • Sketch more.
  • Be more confident in my work.
  • Call my family and friends more (not that I didn't last year, but you can never have too much love in your life).
  • Become more direction-savvy.  Please.
That's all I can think of at the moment.  Next time I post I'll probably be in Portland! xoxo


Kayleigh said...

GREAT list! You've inspired me to make my own! Good luck!

Tyler said...

Awesome list! I could use a few of those on my bucket lost too :p

Lizzie said...

Maybe I should do something similar. Good luck on completing those! :D

Anastasia said...

I want to do all of those with you! Too bad I don't live even remotely close...

Natalie said...

There are definitely quite a few of those that I definitely want to keep in mind as I ease into college. Most of them, really. Good luck heading back!

Jennifer M. said...

Great plans! As for the direction saavy part, I was a very directly-challenged person until I moved to Portland and discovered that city is built largely on a grid system. If you can figure that out, you should start to find it much easier to get around! :)