On newer iPods, you can select a song and "Genius" can pick up songs it thinks it will coincide quite nicely with. Pretty cool, yeah. But I wasn't sold until now.

I "genius"ed the song Sweet Disposition last night and THE FIRST FOUR SONGS WERE ALSO FROM THE MOVIE 500 DAYS OF SUMMER.

How does it know these things?! Freaky business. Just had to share...


i ♥ sewing

The lovely Erin asked me to make her a Miss Scarlet dress for her Clue party (it was last night--a LOT of fun) and I have since decided I need more sewing projects! Other than Halloween costumes, my usual sewing routine mainly consists of altering dresses and skirts to fit me (yeah, I'm small) and doing odd jobs for my mom and her friends. That's all good fun, but I want to make something for myself! What should I make?!


This made me laugh...a lot.
P.S. My last three posts have involved Jason Schwartzman and/or Marie Antoinette. Oops. :)

songs that make me happy

I Want You! -- Peter Bjorn & John

Fight Test -- The Flaming Lips

Lights Out -- Santigold

Sweet Disposition -- The Temper Trap

I'm pretty positive the new Kate Spade line was made specifically for Zooey Deschanel

Model resemblance? Hmm...
Regardless, I adore it!

Ways to Pretend it's Fall in Arizona

Ways to Pretend it's Fall in Arizona
Wear plaid dresses and Mary Janes.
Drink tea and wear cameos and fancy headbands.
Listen to the Death Cab album Plans and study the Revolutionary War in History.
Use Autumn-esque smelling shampoo.
Voila! You are practically drowning in multi-colored leaves.