10 things that make me happy

1. Watching episodes of Gossip Girl on my new ipod I got for my birthday--my old mini wasn't even in color, nonetheness capable of video!

2. Trying my best not to eat all the Dark Chocolate Pretzel Slims from Trader Joe's.

3. School coming to a close in less than a month.

4. My Wanderlust travel journal waiting in my carry-on.

5. Elementry school colors.

6. Blairbands. Er, I mean, headbands.

7. Watching movies in French class.

8. The Shins coming back into my life.

9. Free music videos off iTunes.

10. The bipolar weather.

music appreciation

The Sea and Cake reminds me of summer, of light hearts, and of sandy seashells tucked into a beach blanket. It's a top-notch situation. Kind of like how Coconut Records reminds me of spring, of favorite memories, and of falling in love. Isn't music funny in that way? I am quite glad it is funny in that way. Happy Tuesday.

sleeping lessons

Rarely do I have a favorite song, but this song is just too good not to listen to at least twice a day. I like listening to it with my eyes closed... I wouldn't dare actually falling asleep during it though.

recent developments

I miss having loose teeth to wiggle.

I miss Reese's Puffs for breakfast, when I'd arrange them in circles. (Even though I just realized they most resemble dog food.)

I wish time stopped when you sleeped so you wouldn't miss a thing.

I've always wondered how many people are thinking of the same thing as me at the same time.

Weekends are nice, because they allow me to think things through.

P.S. I have the hugest crush on Demetri Martin of late. Sorry Jonathan, I've moved on.

mark twain

Today I started reading Huckleberry Finn for my English class. I actually did read Tom Sawyer back in the sixth grade, but truthfully I literally only remember the part where he tricks the kid to paint the picket fence for him.
Basically, I am hoping I can be at least a sliver as awesome as Mark Twain when my hair goes white... We watched video about him last week that was a riot. Apparently he took a liking to wearing a gown awarded to him by Oxford University--even to his daughter's wedding. I admire that, for some peculiar reason. (I'm sure his daughter wouldn't have agreed.)


The Beatles to the rescue, once again. They are like an umbrella that you twirl around beside you as it sprinkles...(because this is what I mostly use umbrellas for). I really don't expect you to understand this connection. Happy April (Fools day) anyway!