12 before '13


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Ghandi

I am going to focus on trying to embody this mantra.  As a perpetual dreamer, I constantly have ideas, plans, ambitions, and goals that I want to accomplish.  Some are big, some are small, some are serious, but most are silly and fun.  I think this is fantastic, but it's also a bit overwhelming having so many dreams that I may or may not be able to bring to life.  What I need is some focus with these little ideas and aspirations.  One of my favorite bloggers (A Beautiful Mess--I'm obsessed with this girl) makes lists of things she wants to accomplish before her next birthday.  I thought I would bring my own spin to the list.  Instead of 18 goals before age 19, I am going to make a list of 12 goals before year 2013:

  1. Learn the harmonica
  2. Go camping
  3. Apply for a semester abroad
  4. Learn to knit (and not forget)
  5. Find a summer internship 
  6. Attend a concert
  7. Learn how to budget $$
  8. Make a short film
  9. Collaborate with friends on a project
  10. Take a class about something I know nothing about
  11. Design and make a dress pattern
  12. Discover a new passion or obsession

thursday thrills

Homemade detergent?  SO IN.  I was appalled the first time I went to Fred Myer to get myself some detergent.  I still complain about it, only half-joking.  So much $$$!

Adorable 2012 calendar made from Instagram photos.

It is very vital that I make this delicious-looking peanut butter fudge ASAP.

My mom emailed me this awesome apron pattern a few weeks ago.  (Ted and I flipped.)

This duet is just the most precious thing ever.

And this video is just hilarious.  Gotta love New Girl.

Happy New Year! xoxo

resolutions of years past


I'm already thinking about New Years, which is one of my favorite things ever, because who doesn't like fresh beginnings and a reason to wear sequins?

Instead of making a list of resolutions this year, I'm going to try another tactic.  I am going to look back on how successful my past resolutions have been (oh the beauty of blogging) and decide what kind of goal-setting is right for me.  Feel free to disregard this post altogether; this is one of those times where blogging is acting as a middle man to my own self-awareness!

Resolutions for 2009:  Probably because I was new to blogging and all around more profound as a pretentious middle schooler, I kept my resolutions simple.  
  • overcome my fear of dancing in public Proud of this one.
  • keep stress at a minimum  Although I can't say with certainty that I rid myself of stress in 2009, I did gradually move toward to where I am now--an unusually minimal-stress person.  This is something that at the same time is an awesome thing and a slightly unnerving thing.  But mostly awesome.
  • focus on each moment just as it appears Still working on this.  Who isn't, except, like...Buddha?

Resolutions for 2010:  I focused on what kind of person I want to be.  Which I think is great, because that's what resolutions should be about--improving and building someone you can be proud of.
  • I want to be the kind of person who is self-sufficent.  I will boycott buying clothes this year and sew up my own.  (See the product of this resolution here.)  Although I'm obviously not completely self-sufficent, after working on this resolution I have become much more aware about the things I buy and the possibility of bypassing things that I could easily make.
  • I want to be the kind of person that is charitable, all year around.  I will grow my hair out long to donate toLocks of Love and continue to try to contribute more to my community.  I can always be more charitable, but although I did not donate my hair to LoL in 2010, I did this year!  
  • I want to be the kind of person who takes each moment as it happens, and lets it go as it passes. I will try not to dwell in the past, however sweet it was--it only takes up space that should be full of the present.  Only Buddha, man.  Only Buddha.  I'm trying though.  I promise.
  • And as always, I hope to simplify, simplify, simplify.  Always striving to do this, but often take a couple of steps back before going forward!  
  • Also:  No more multitasking!  All I can say is that I've gotten better.

Resolutions for 2011:  This year I had a lot of small resolutions, most of them repeating previous goals, but also including a very important one that I feel that I have made a very big improvement.  "Think positively (Avoid thinking in negatives and phrases like "I wish" or "I hope."  Example: "This year is going to rock!" instead of "I hope this year rocks!")"  It seemed a bit silly at the time, but as I look back at that, I have realized how much this has improved my outlook and increased my already pretty consistent optimism.  As for my three main resolutions, to sum them up:
  • LIVE.
  • EAT.
These are three things that I strive to nourish daily, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  C'est le vie!  Although I think that moving to Portland has been pretty successful in nourishing my appetite for life, food, and creativity, while at the same time increasing it, if that makes any sense.  Just know:  It's a good thing.

As for 2012.  Stay tuned.

    christmassssss eve brunch!!!!!!!!!!

    under wraps

    I've been in wrapping mode since I got home.  Here a few ideas for you to try this Christmas.  But most importantly, I use what I have (scraps of ribbon, tissue paper, buttons, embroidery floss), so go crazy with what you already have!

    Handmade snowflakes with ribbon are a simple and sweet way to wrap boxed gifts.

     (I used Santa hats to conceal the identity of these gifts.)  Over the years I've noticed that I've come to favor tissue paper over traditional wrapping paper.  It's something that if you are a gift wrap hoarder like I am, you will gather a LOT of.  Also, if you have the resource, punched-out die cut circles make the perfect gift tags.  I sewed a button onto the bottom gift tag to add some extra cute.

    I had extra felt from my Ms. Frizzle costume, so I made some holly and a Christmas tree to hotglue to these gifts.  I found this cute snowflake tissue paper in my stash, so I had to use one of tiny plastic glittered snowflakes I got at Micheal's for crafting to finish the second one off!

    For these two gifts I used more of the sparkly plastic treasures to jazz them up.  For the one on the left, the ribbon was too small to tie all the way around, so I taped the edges to the back and made it work.  For the second one I kept it simple with some embroidery floss.  

    I love how being thrifty challenges your creativity!  Hope you're having just as much fun wrapping your presents!

    things to remember (vimeo edition)

    I love my home, the desert. It is so beautiful and unique. I have come to appreciate it even more being surrounded by forest the past four months.  It's good to be home to a 70 degree winter!

    Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

    Everything will fall into place.  I spent a few troublesome days during my first semester trying to pin down exactly what I wanted to achieve academically and career-wise, simultaneously knowing that it's impossible to know this now, or even ever.  Typical Kaylie--I don't get stressed out about having to write a six page paper, but I get stressed out about the grand scheme.  Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

    Levi's® Chambray by Opening Ceremony from DANIELS on Vimeo.

    Christmas is about sharing the love.  This year I am keeping presents pretty low-key, because I can't afford to go crazy.  Not only is it more fun to be making almost 100% of my gifts, but it's also more nurturing to my Christmas spirit.  Not sure if this video is relevant, but I enjoy it.

    Happy Holidays from DANIELS on Vimeo.

    I will never get over my Marie Antoinette obsession.  Never.  The music in this video isn't my cup of tea, but the styling is deliciously pastel.  Also, I read in the comments that the costume designer made the dresses in a week?!  I'm impressed.

    Acid Girls - Lightworks OFFICIAL VIDEO dir. Steven Ilous from Steven Ilous on Vimeo.

    Christmas in Arizona is the best.  Since the weather doesn't know it's the holiday season, I always overcompensate for it with dozens of cookies, crafts, and decorations.  Not to mention a constant stream of holiday wear.  This video is the perfect example of keeping the spirit alive in AZ.  I love it!

    Wishing You an Old Fashioned Christmas! from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

    christmas cookies

    What better way to spend the first reading day for finals than with something sweet?  After working on a group project, I spent the afternoon listening to Christmas music while baking sugar cookies and decking them out with sprinkles and icing.  I was happy to have some help from friends too!  It was a magical afternoon.  It filled my heart with joy when random people would pass by and become ecstatic about the prospect of holiday cookies or hot cocoa.  One girl even said, "This is the first time since I've been here that I've felt the Christmas spirit!"  My day:   made.

    Of course I had to dress as Christmas-y as humanly possible and wear my newly made Christmas apron, complete with ruffles, rosettes, and gold cording.

    How are you spreading holiday cheer?

    christmas in my dorm

    When I was packing up to go back to school from Thanksgiving break, I was sure to include the necessary ingredients for the next 2.5 weeks--CHRISTMAS DECOR!  My hot pink Christmas tree, lights, and tiny trinkets were a must.

    I brought back the needlepoint Santa and the small glittery Christmas tree (previously a gift tag).  Add some pom pom snowfall and a pom pom star on top of the tree, and it's a winter wonderland on my own very wall!  During Tuesday's episode of Glee I cut out the "Merry Christmas" from a newspaper that was lying around in the lounge.  And as I mentioned before, I made the garland!   

    If it hasn't already been established, I will say it here:  I am quite the crafty hoarder.  Add a holiday to the mix, and my drawers will be overflowing with gift ribbons, cute tags, colorful tissue paper (oh tissue paper) and the like.  Erin might recognize the sparkly paper garland from when she brought it over to my house for Christmas brunch two years ago.  As she helped me clean up, I stopped here in her tracks when she was about to throw it away.  I know I have a problem. 

    Essentials:  Nutcracker, tons of glitter glue, and Christmas music.  Ted gave me this vinyl record from The Bins!  I can't wait to listen to it on my record player back home.

    I made a mistletoe for above our door with some felt.

    Add some glitter glue and it's Christmas cheer all around!

    See left for more evidence of my holiday hoarding--an adorable mittens gift tag.

    You can never have too many snowglobes, and these are the perfect size for an already cramped dorm room. 

    For some weird reason, I can never remember how to make snowflakes.  Thankfully my friend Mikaela retaught me, so we spent our Tuesday TV watching (Glee and New Girl) getting crafty.  Of course, I had to add some glitter glue.

    for your information

    I saw The Muppets over Thanksgiving break and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Go see it and smile for 98 glorious minutes.

    it's time

    Proof:  Today I had a magical Christmas moment when I was in the costume shop working on an apron worthy of Mrs. Claus for myself (we have some down time) and the Glee version of Baby It's Cold Outside came on.  And I was wearing my first holiday pin (since I got back to school--you better believe I wore one the day after Thanksgiving) of the season.  And I smiled to myself.

    Because you guys.  Tomorrow is December.  It's Christmastime for everyone now, not just crazy people like me.

    easy garland how-to

    I'm in a slow process of Christmas-ifying my dorm room.  If I had it my way, it would be completely decked out by now, but it's Ted's first all-out Kaylie Christmas (he's Jewish), so I'm waiting for him to get over a bout of the flu so he can help decorate.  Nevertheless, a girl has got to get her craft on.  The other weekend I found some awesome sparkly pom poms at the art store when I was stocking up on Christmas gift supplies, so obviously I had to work them into a Christmas project.  My first instinct was GARLAND!

    All you need:  A needle, thread (I used embroidery floss so I could half it into three strands), and pom poms.

    All you do:  Thread the needle and poke through each pom pom. Space out as desired.

    And voila!  Super cute and super simple garland.

    happy thanksgiving!

    Today I am thankful for HOME!  So thrilled.  Hope your day was lovely and tasty!

    Time to go nap it up in preparation of Black Friday. 

    today i am thankful for...the desert

    I'm taking this "always raining" thing a little rough. I'm ready to be back in my desert habitat tomorrow night. Thank goodness.

    chinese opera

    Today in my Theatre & Society class, we had a guest professor teach us about Chinese Opera.  It's intense and awesome, but what really got me were the costumes.  They are incredible.  What is even more incredible is that people actually perform in them.  And do acrobatics.  One costume he showed us (he dressed up five of my peers) had 20 pieces and enough sequins to make a drag queen blush.  20 pieces!  Like, seriously.  Craziest thing ever.

    There are copious amounts of colorful sequins and silk involved.  I am officially obsessed.