christmas in my dorm

When I was packing up to go back to school from Thanksgiving break, I was sure to include the necessary ingredients for the next 2.5 weeks--CHRISTMAS DECOR!  My hot pink Christmas tree, lights, and tiny trinkets were a must.

I brought back the needlepoint Santa and the small glittery Christmas tree (previously a gift tag).  Add some pom pom snowfall and a pom pom star on top of the tree, and it's a winter wonderland on my own very wall!  During Tuesday's episode of Glee I cut out the "Merry Christmas" from a newspaper that was lying around in the lounge.  And as I mentioned before, I made the garland!   

If it hasn't already been established, I will say it here:  I am quite the crafty hoarder.  Add a holiday to the mix, and my drawers will be overflowing with gift ribbons, cute tags, colorful tissue paper (oh tissue paper) and the like.  Erin might recognize the sparkly paper garland from when she brought it over to my house for Christmas brunch two years ago.  As she helped me clean up, I stopped here in her tracks when she was about to throw it away.  I know I have a problem. 

Essentials:  Nutcracker, tons of glitter glue, and Christmas music.  Ted gave me this vinyl record from The Bins!  I can't wait to listen to it on my record player back home.

I made a mistletoe for above our door with some felt.

Add some glitter glue and it's Christmas cheer all around!

See left for more evidence of my holiday hoarding--an adorable mittens gift tag.

You can never have too many snowglobes, and these are the perfect size for an already cramped dorm room. 

For some weird reason, I can never remember how to make snowflakes.  Thankfully my friend Mikaela retaught me, so we spent our Tuesday TV watching (Glee and New Girl) getting crafty.  Of course, I had to add some glitter glue.


Katie said...

oh my gosh Kaylie. you wrote "pom pom star on top of the tree" and I read "PORN star on the top of the tree."

Lizzie said...

Never stop being so awesome!
Strange question, but how have you so cleanly adhered everything to the walls? I'll be off to college next year and I think it'd be useful to know. Thanks!

23 days until Christmas! :)

g ma janee said...


kate said...

I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love, and it feels so good! I'm about to make paper snowflakes!