under wraps

I've been in wrapping mode since I got home.  Here a few ideas for you to try this Christmas.  But most importantly, I use what I have (scraps of ribbon, tissue paper, buttons, embroidery floss), so go crazy with what you already have!

Handmade snowflakes with ribbon are a simple and sweet way to wrap boxed gifts.

 (I used Santa hats to conceal the identity of these gifts.)  Over the years I've noticed that I've come to favor tissue paper over traditional wrapping paper.  It's something that if you are a gift wrap hoarder like I am, you will gather a LOT of.  Also, if you have the resource, punched-out die cut circles make the perfect gift tags.  I sewed a button onto the bottom gift tag to add some extra cute.

I had extra felt from my Ms. Frizzle costume, so I made some holly and a Christmas tree to hotglue to these gifts.  I found this cute snowflake tissue paper in my stash, so I had to use one of tiny plastic glittered snowflakes I got at Micheal's for crafting to finish the second one off!

For these two gifts I used more of the sparkly plastic treasures to jazz them up.  For the one on the left, the ribbon was too small to tie all the way around, so I taped the edges to the back and made it work.  For the second one I kept it simple with some embroidery floss.  

I love how being thrifty challenges your creativity!  Hope you're having just as much fun wrapping your presents!


Nicola said...

i love this!
you have such lovely wrapped gifts! :D

Ted said...

ahhhhhh! all of your presents are so cute!!!! mrs claus <3