APRIL 20?!!!!

What's going down? They want me to cry. I miss it already.
Also, found this while looking for the preview and thought it was funny...

Hah! Just like those Meth: Not even once commercials. So funny.

sometimes my life is a cute indie film

This afternoon after school I helped Katie out with a photo assignment which included me and Domenico in the groves as Dorothy and (a really trendy teenVOGUE-esque) Tin Man.

Moral of the story: I wish I were in a fairytale, full of frilly dresses and endless groves. Or, uh, at least in a teenVOGUE spread.

Anyway, happy, happy Spring!

hello, reality

So much homework. Lovely. Only forty-some more days of school until Summer. Summer: Laziness, Europe, San Diego, and reading so many, many books and magazines. I can get through this. I can. Annoted bibliography for english and math homework and french...and chem test tomorrow...I can do this. I can!

DETERMINATION! I can survive this last quarter. I have in the past. Vampire Weekend and Gossip Girl will help me through this.

goodbye, spring break

You've been good to me. Somehow between movies, eating out, reading, the 1st season of Gossip Girl in celebration of Katie's 16th birthday, and outings with each of my three grandmas, I soaked in the relaxation that has been so foreign to me this school year. In fact, the school year is already three-fourths through, and the weather has begun to tease me with ideas of summer. Goodbye, spring break. You've always been my favorite.

happy birthday, katie!

You are a lovely lady to know. I learn more about you each year of our friendship, and in the same instances I like you more, which is saying a lot in my opinion! Thank you for your friendship and assistance in downloading awesome fonts. Have a wonderful day.

legos on a thursday afternoon

My dad and sister can be very diligent.


Rarely do I find it necessary to have favorites, but somehow lately, I have accumulated a few. They are as follows:

Favorite Movie: Wall-e Okay, this movie was the cutest thing I have ever experienced. After sushi last night, Katie, Dahlya, and I watched it and I almost instantly fell in love with the story. Again, not much of a kids movie, but a total Kaylie movie. Loved it!

Favorite Author: Jonathan Safran Foer The last book I read was Everything is Illuminated (also a great movie by the way) and the current book I am reading is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. It is a sad truth that these are currently Foer's only novels, but he is young, so I am hopeful. See also: Current crush


I suppose it takes a particular individual to enjoy a black and white animated film based on a graphic memoir. Fortunately, I am one of those individuals. I thought Persepolis was beautifully done both in book and in film.

happy pi day!

Not only is today pi day (3/14), it's Albert Einstein's birthday, which makes him a Pisces! I feel pretty wonderful having thought of that tid-bit. Have a lovely Pi day.

pi day 2009

Saturday is Pi Day (3/14/09). In math class, this is a date to celebrate. Once a year, I get to be creative in math class, and eat pi(e). It is a top-notch situation. I hope my awesome math teacher is impressed by my pi embroidery...


Katie, Rylee, and I read the graphic novel and (eventually) got in to see the movie opening night. I was surprised how well they stayed true to the story (we're talking sometimes panel-by-panel), although they (understandably) changed the ending. Not for the faint at heart...

bon voyage!

Sadies was tonight. Thank goodness. A reason to dress up.

Erin, Domenico, Caleb, and I met up with Rylee, Chase, and Phoebe at Joe's Farm Grill for dinner. It was lovely. Rylee noted that it basically felt like we were at our lunch table at school (JFG is lowkey and trendy with picnic tables and trees--best thing ever).

At the cabin-y cafe a few yards away, I ate my first sparkled cupcake. It was lemon and delicious. I guess I never considered the possibility of edible sparkles. This rocked the foundation of my world. Expect sparkly frosting for life.

The dance was very dance-esque: not that great, but memorable in the Sixteen Candles kind of way. If only they would have played 80's music. I would have danced a lot more in that case.

Speaking of sixteen candles! Today was Rylee's 16th birthday. We all remembered it. We even ambushed her with silly string to wake her up this morning and she may have slightly hated us for just a moment. Then we went for breakfast.

Productive day!