bon voyage!

Sadies was tonight. Thank goodness. A reason to dress up.

Erin, Domenico, Caleb, and I met up with Rylee, Chase, and Phoebe at Joe's Farm Grill for dinner. It was lovely. Rylee noted that it basically felt like we were at our lunch table at school (JFG is lowkey and trendy with picnic tables and trees--best thing ever).

At the cabin-y cafe a few yards away, I ate my first sparkled cupcake. It was lemon and delicious. I guess I never considered the possibility of edible sparkles. This rocked the foundation of my world. Expect sparkly frosting for life.

The dance was very dance-esque: not that great, but memorable in the Sixteen Candles kind of way. If only they would have played 80's music. I would have danced a lot more in that case.

Speaking of sixteen candles! Today was Rylee's 16th birthday. We all remembered it. We even ambushed her with silly string to wake her up this morning and she may have slightly hated us for just a moment. Then we went for breakfast.

Productive day!

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