Rarely do I find it necessary to have favorites, but somehow lately, I have accumulated a few. They are as follows:

Favorite Movie: Wall-e Okay, this movie was the cutest thing I have ever experienced. After sushi last night, Katie, Dahlya, and I watched it and I almost instantly fell in love with the story. Again, not much of a kids movie, but a total Kaylie movie. Loved it!

Favorite Author: Jonathan Safran Foer The last book I read was Everything is Illuminated (also a great movie by the way) and the current book I am reading is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. It is a sad truth that these are currently Foer's only novels, but he is young, so I am hopeful. See also: Current crush


katelyn! said...

I should get on his books. It doesn't hurt that he's so cute.

Kaylie said...

No joke!