Kit Kittredge: style icon?

You would not believe how hardcore I used to be with American Girl. My Grandma Marcia was my most loyal supporter--going as far as escorting me along with my great-uncle and great-aunt to American Girl Place in Chicago for my tenth birthday. Side note: Yes, my family is as cool as they seem.

My first doll, the beginning of it all, was none other than a resourceful girl of the Great Depression, Kit Kittredge. She was clever, adventurous, creative, and optimistic. I remember secretly writing issues of 'newspapers' in my journal to recollect my day because of course Kit had her own homemade newspaper. Go figure.

One other thing can't be dismissed--she totally rocked the thrifty Oh I just crafted this sundress out of a flour sack look. Looking at her wasn't a depression at all.

KIT dress, Mod Cloth shoes, Marc Jacobs

(While browsing through Mod Cloth I discovered this dress and immediately thought Kit! My mind works this way. Pretty crazy, right?)


pretties from

I think I found myself a project!
Too bad it is about #324 on my list.

a late summer project

I embroidered this blank canvas bag I found at Micheal's for Kendal. Her birthday is in November, but you can never be too ahead on craft projects--especially with Halloween coming up! I stuffed it with the new Jo Bros CD. She sure loves those three stylish brothers lately. I can honestly admit I don't blame her. They are fashionistas. Okay. Enough of my dork-talk.

School has begun...I am now directing my creativity into school projects. Yes! Two already this weekend. It's all good fun though.