Let them eat cake!

Her life may have sucked, but the woman had style!  I thought I was obsessed with Marie Antoinette in the past, but I think it's reached a peak now that I've been learning more about her life.  I'm loving the pretty Marie Antoinette things from Tokyo Milk

guess what

Just so you readers from Facebook are aware, NO, I HAVE NOT BEEN ON FACEBOOK POSTING NOTES!  This came up at lunch today and I was laughing because the last status I left was that I gave up Facebook for Lent, then all these blogposts are apparently popping up on there (because I have my blog linked to Facebook), so I look like a crazy note-posting liar!  Hah!  So, just a FYI, to save some face.

And so this post isn't a complete waste, I give you this gnome I took a picture of in Ireland.  Isn't he cute?

oh my goodness

Just because I took the PSAT, College Board sends me 2489329847 college brochures everyday.  95% of them I am not even remotely interested in, so I mourn the death of so many trees as I dump them into our recycle bin.  The only ones I even pay attention to are the ones from West coast schools, because I can't picture myself going anywhere else.  In my mind, if I were to be far from home, I might as well be FAR--as in continents--from home.  I don't know why I think this way, but I do.  That's why ideally I want to stay in AZ for school and study abroad for at least a year in Europe.

So today I actually recieved a brochure that has made me go a little crazy.  Because this school isn't even in the US like the other five thousand brochures I have recieved--it's in Switzerland.  And oh my goodness.  It sounds like the best situation in the world.  I mean, travel is required?  C'mon! 

Things like this! I just can't handle them.  Because how do you make something so awesome actually happen in your own real life?  I don't know.  I don't know.  Don't you just hate that?

i don't know what to say

...other than that you should avoid taking a sip of anything (must less a sierra mist to settle your stomach--I've been sick the last few days) before viewing this....

I was in hysterics for a full two minutes (partially due to an untimely sip of sierra mist--I had no idea what I was getting myself into)...  Overall, a very good thing after feeling so miserable at school today (Thank goodness it was a half-day).

i ♥ your style

Katy Perry, Audrey Hepburn, Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, Zooey Deschanel--I love your style best. 

Who inspires you?  I'm curious!

je souhaite que j'aie été à Paris maintenent...

Maybe it's because I'm reading a biography of Marie Antoinette right now, but suddenly I miss last summer. I miss fairytale Paris!

I love reading The Cherry Blossom Girl when I am feeling this way.  Also, it reminds me that I can read French, which I have to admit makes me feel pretty darn cool.  (Just don't ask to hear me speak it.  That is a whole different story...)  Regardless, posts like this one make me seriously question my strict NO COLD attitude.  How completely lovely, right?

just so it is clear, i ♥ Jason Schwartzman

Hey, this is so nice (although it does take a minute for the music to begin).  I love when designers make creative videos for their collections (like Zooey in Erin Fetherston).

not all resolutions are forgotten

This year, I haven't bought any clothes, just like I resolved to do.  In fact, this restraint has served its purpose as motivator to get me to sew more often for myself (aside from the constant altering and hemming that comes with being a 4'9 almost seventeen-year-old), because late the other night I found myself at the sewing machine, sewing up this floral dress.  Spring is already here, in my mind.  I'm riding my bike whenever I get the chance and singing to Coconut Records in my head.  The weather couldn't be better for such behavior.  Definitely not six more weeks of winter here, Punxsutawney Phil.

Happy Mardi Gras, by the way.  I'm Catholic, so I always give something up (until Easter) for Lent.  This year, it will be Facebook.  Last year, it was reading blogs and watching TV (okay, Gossip Girl was the exception).  I like Lent, because it makes me realize how I can simplify my life by finding out what I can (or can't) do without.  For instance, one year I gave up caffeine.  Ever since (we're talking like 4th grade, here) I haven't been much of a caffeine drinker.  One year, I gave up cookies (which is particularly trying because February is Girl Scout cookie time).  Well, I still love cookies.  About the blogs--well, I still love and need those too.  But the TV?  Since last Lent it had been unplugged for the majority of the time (okay, Gossip Girl was the exception).  So just a few weeks ago I replaced it with a record player. Regardless, I enjoy Lent.  Even if you aren't Catholic, I think it's a novel idea to practice restraint in at least one area of your life, whether it be a sweet indulgance or a social networking site.

happy (belated) birthday, Arizona

I fall in love with you more each year.  I would feel incomplete without feeling your blazing sun in my hair everyday.

The Grand Canyon.  What is there to say?  It's beautiful!

The Botanical gardens? (I absolutely LOVE going there, especially for the musical festival during Christmastime)  Or maybe just some random cacti.  Beautiful either way!

Bison Ranch up in Heber when I would go with my grandparents before the forest fire destroyed it.  I miss the days when they had a cabin up there!  I would read in the hammock outside and make extravegant plans for the storage house above the garage to become my craft lair.  When I have a family, a cabin is a definite must...  I don't care if it is two rooms!  I have some very nice memories of that cabin, just collecting rocks and eating ice cream at Bison Ranch. 

Anywho, hope everyone had a lovely hearts day!  I sure did. 

P.S. I am definitely throwing a 100th bithday/Valentine's party in 2012... That's that.

pink and red

Who needs a valentine when you have such awesome grandparents?  Every Valentines Day--okay, let's be serious here-every holiday--my Grandma puts together a basket of goodies for me and my sister.  (Now you know where I got my intense love of holidays from.)  They know me oh too well!  This year mine even included a box of mini French macarons from Essence Bakery.  Thrilling?  You bet.  I love my family.

hearts, everywhere

This year for hearts day, I made oreo truffles to share with friends. 

Seriously, the easiest thing ever. All you need is pictured here.  Oh, plus cream cheese!  And yes, heart-shaped kitchen appliances ARE necessary. (P.S. I need these.)

I am not so hot at dipping things in chocolate, I discovered.

But no matter--they were yummy!  We ended up pretty much having an honorary Valentine's Day party at our lunch table with treats and homemade valentines. It was pretty great. Athough I do miss decorating shoe boxes.

big love cookie

So, here is another thing I won't be baking this Valentines day:  a giant cookie. Actually, it is called the Big Love Butterscotch Cookie and it sounds really delicious.  Although the Big Love part makes me think of the show, which isn't very romantic (polygymy; no thanks).  And while I'm on the topic, I have to complain that Big Love ruined the song "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys for me (it was used as the theme song).  Oh well, I need to go make some goodies for tomorrow!

good grief!

I just watched A Charlie Brown Valentine, because luckily for me, someone around here loves me and remembered to record it while I was busy doing 23123 AP biology notes and getting distracted with playing my harmonica.  Anyway, Charlie Brown kills me every time.

"I think tomorrow I'll just right out and tell that little red-haired girl that I love her. Then I'll give her a BIG hug. Then I'll go bungee-jumping from the moon."

I love you, Charlie Brown.


This box of chocolates is made out of cake!  Crazy, man.  My Valentine's Day treats are going to be 3242398473298 times more lowkey to whip up.  Regardless, Bakerella is my new favorite thing.

i ♥ Abe

Presidents Day is almost here!  I am in love with this idea using Lincoln Logs.  How very clever!

i ♥ fred flare

I love these necklaces, that in lieu of "sweetheart" or "I love you", things such as "fireworks" or "Lindy hop" are etched in.  If I had a say, I would probably choose "cupcakes", "antique stores", or "blogs".  What would you want?

"Important Things" comes back tonight!

Demetri Martin, will you be my valentine?  And speaking of Valentine's Day... Expect a lot of pink and red posts in the near future.  I can't help it; I love this silly holiday.